Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample: iPhone 7 - The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day

Published: 2022-02-25
Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample: iPhone 7 - The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day
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Do you know what or who "Siri" is? Ever used "Siri" in your daily life? Siri is an intelligent personal assistant integrated in Apple's macOS and tvOS operating systems. One of Apple's advertisements about Siri highlights how the Rock Siri dominates the day. It supposes that Siri helps people check temperature, send messages, read emails and take phone calls and selfies by voice control. The ad shows Apple's new AI system on the Iphone7. It is surely an interesting and funny advertisement. Studying the three paradigms of advertising, people, product, and logo, helps determine its effects, goals and achievements as a termed perfect ad.

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The analysis involves two different groups of people. It commences with the review of the fans of the Rock, the star and the famous individuals. For the famous people and star, they are essential for the ad because they have a large group of fans in the world. All their fans could be the potential customers. Celebrities influence their fans similarly to how the stars convey the concept of products to fans through advertisements, which usually changes consumers' concept of consumption. Since these stars influence their fans, it culminates in the alteration of people's buying behaviors. The enterprise market precisely grasps the consumer's worship psychology of the star, and the consumer demand and their purchase behavior, to make the advertisement. Therefore, in this ad, Apple uses the Rock to shoot the video ad of Iphone7.

Secondly, the analysis focuses on the consumer of the Apple. As an international company, the consumers are in different parts of the globe. The ad that Apple made must contain multicultural elements and cultures since it operates in countries with varying traditional backgrounds. In the ad, consumers in different countries are highly valued and treated equally for Apple. They witness the Asian musical instrument and the famous painting from Europe and other regions. Different people can empathize when they see something that belongs to their culture or country (Apple, 14). It leads to easy ways of changing the consumption behavior of a consumer.

The purpose of the advertisement is to induce people to consume. Therefore, to attract consumers' favor, the ad permits celebrity endorsements and adds different social advertising elements to different groups of people. It facilitates effective estimation of the market capital. It also affects the consumer psychology. It leads to the formulation of appropriate understanding and relation between the consumers and the product producers.

The second ad focuses on the Iphone7. The ad is fascinating since the real focus on is Iphone7 that is all about Siri. The ad depicts one stone and three birds. It shows how great the Apple's new AI system is. A great marketing technique depicts the compelling nature of the product. Secondly, it highlights the significance of getting the products like Iphone7. It postulates the new and amazing functions of the new product. It also depicts the ad's ability to illustrate the shortage of the new products and the declining ability of the Apple innovation.

Apple is famous for its innovation ability in the world, but since their "god"-Jobs left Apple, they have not launched any product. The rate of innovation in the company reduced significantly. Job's departure affected the innovation and the rate of change in the firm (Apple, 27). Their products lack an extraordinary nature and fail to attract new customers. It lacks innovation and change as depicted by lack of transformation of the iphone6 and iphone7 products.

Therefore, Apple tries to attract the attention of people by the advertisement on the new system and Siri. It highlights the information regarding the products. The advertisement focuses on specific target populations. It allows interaction with the target group and provides target population with the best opportunity to learn about the products. The advertisements also help in reducing the spread of the negative public opinions about the product. It eliminates the negative impacts on the sale of the products. It is a very successful advertisement, which successfully satisfied Apple's marketing of products and the means of guiding some public opinions on Apple.

Nevertheless, the logo provides consumers with appropriate image and information about Apple. A logo is very significant for an AD because it reminds consumers of the company's main body and brand culture, especially for an excellent company such as apple. Apple has a large number of users in the world; the brand helps people around the world to remember original information about the product (Apple, 31). When the Apple's logo appears in the advertisement, it makes a person continue watching the ad. Continued watching the ad by the audience means the success of the advertisement. A successful advertisement should show the value of the brand in addition to the characteristics of the product to attract customers. However, just the availability of the logo helps in achieving the goal.

An ad is an enterprise that creates the ideal economic and social benefits for their pursuit of goals. Therefore, advertising should provide enough product information and the value of the product itself. It also highlights the value of the enterprise culture and induces customers to consume. However, the ad of the Rock by Siri emphasizes the importance of the star for the ad and how the star changes consumer's consumption concept. It illustrates the need to have a specific targeted advertising audience. It helps in identifying the customer's consumption psychology. It helps in manipulating consumer consumption decisions. The availability of the company's logo facilitates production of quality ads. It leads to easy attraction of the audience attention. The advertisement also postulates how Apple guides public opinion through advertising. It is a fascinating, successful and educating advertisement.

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