Ads: Capturing Attention to Drive Demand - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-12
Ads: Capturing Attention to Drive Demand - Essay Sample
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Advertisements have become the way through which businesses push their brands and establish increased demands for their products. Advertisements are made with a particular target audience in mind. Therefore the advertisements have to ensure that they capture the needed aspects that would make the brand more attractive and relatable to the targeted audience, in the process increasing the demand for the said product. This being so, advertisements have to fulfill some requirements for it to be successful in achieving its goal in attracting more customers and creating more publicity towards the product. The advertisement in question has a powerful image that has been used in pushing the product's agenda even further. Through the image, the product has been illustrated sufficiently and also provides the target audience of the advertisement with the needed incentives that will help them in deciding on using the product in question.

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Target Audience for the Molson Beer Advertisement

The advertisement made by Molson beer achieves different targets through its presentation. The target audiences for the beer vary, depending on the mediums that were used in the advertisement. For example, the beer can be said to target Canadians, due to the use of the Maple leaf, which is characteristic of Canada. The reason for the decision by Molson beer to use the maple leaf in their advertisement can be said to be the need to call for the nationalistic side of Canadians, to drink the beer, since purchasing it shows that they are patriots who support the businesses in their country. Through appealing to the Canadians as a whole, Molson Beer seeks to increase their market reach to the whole Canadian domain, instead of presumably the lesser domain that they would have served had they used a symbol associated with a smaller market, for example, a small town or city.

Secondly, the advertisement can be interpreted to be aimed at reaching the men who drink beer in society. The main aim of the advertisement is to change the perspective and go against the grain, whereby beer companies have used women to appeal to men in other products. Still, through the presentation of the advertisement, the men are allowed to see what they could achieve from the consumption of the beer. Many beer advertisements have depicted men as brutish beings, and that consumption of the beers awakes the brutish natures of the men. However, through this advertisement, the consumers, especially men, are offered with the opportunity to achieve all their manly characteristics while also eliciting ideas of mellowness and being laid-back, all of which are ideal characteristics that men seek to achieve since some women find it attractive.

Due to the placement of the advertisement in Cosmopolitan Magazine, it can be concluded that it was made with the idea of attracting prospective women customers. First, the advertisement can be interpreted to be after leading the women to believe that should they purchase and consume Molson Beer, and they will be attracting the men similar to the model used in the advertisement. The man used in the advertisement is handsome and meets the minimum requirements of what can pass to be a universally attractive man to women. With the notion that drinking beer will increase their attractiveness, the consumption of the beer by women will increase, thus increasing the sales of the product in the market. Additionally, the product could also be said to target women, but from a different angle, whereby the women are encouraged to let their partners drink the beer since it will transform them into attractive and `cool' people who are mellow. When this happens, the possibility of the products being suggested to males by their female relations increases, since they would like to experience such kinds of men. This approach is unlike the rough men that other brands of beer try to depict.

The advertisement also seeks to appeal to younger Canadian people. The model used is probably in their mid-twenties, and this represents the majority of people who take the beer. The use of the model sought to help younger potential buyers to associate with the product since the model is seen to be enjoying the beer. The younger people to whom the advertisement is directed are further appealed to through the use of fashionable and acceptable clothing as if to announce that if you drink Molson beer, then you will be stylish, fashionable, and attractive. The advertisement is directed to younger people since it is they who are the larger population size, and therefore capturing the youths as a viable market offers the company a competitive advantage in terms of having more demand for their beer, which will ultimately translate into more profits for the products.

The inclusion of the puppies can send several messages to the target audience. First, the puppies being in the hands of the model as he drinks the beer shows that the beer has mild effects on the user, and therefore they are still able to handle their duties such as the same efficiency. The puppies may represent tenderness and therefore be translated as the ability of the people who drink the beer to maintain their tender selves even when they are under its influence, therefore reducing the risks of violence as a result of intoxication from Molson beer. One of the reasons against the consumption of alcohol is the possibility of the users becoming violent upon consumption. Therefore the use of delicate puppies seeks to address the issue, sending the message that the consumption of Molson beer does not bring the possibility of one being violent upon consumption of their products.

Also, the use of puppies in the advertisement shows the product's vegan and vegetarian qualities. The use of animals in advertisements is done intentionally to create attention to the fact that the products do not contain any animal products in them. Therefore they can be consumed by vegan and vegetarian consumers. Additionally, the use of the puppies shows that the product was not created through animal cruelty, therefore terming it safe for people who are for the upholding of animal rights. Finally, the use of puppies in the advertisement can be interpreted to mean that the products can be used by pet owners and they will not be incapacitated to the point of being unable to attend to their pets, or the inability to remain loving and caring for their animals when under the influence of Molson beer.

Advantages of Advertisement

Advertisements have several advantages which it offers to the organization that produces the product or offers the advertised service. First, advertisement introduces a new product to the market, hence creating the attention that the product needs towards itself. If, for instance, Molson beer was new to the market, the company producing Molson beer would enjoy the advantage of getting their new product known in the market, hence increasing the possibility of the product getting a share of the market's demand. It is also through advertisements that the market reach of the products is increased. When a company undertakes intensive advertisements, its influence, and the share of the market is under interest. Therefore they can successfully expand their market share, thus increasing the possibility of the product reaching more prospective customers, hence achieving more sales, which results in increased profits.

There is also the advantage of increased sales if the marketing and advertisement campaigns are successfully and strategically carried out. The activities around advertisements are set up in a way that ensures the ultimate goal is to achieve more sales and income for the company. The awareness that the products created in the market help in achieving the goal of reaching more people, which in turn leads to increased sales for the products, resulting in elevated levels of profit for the company in question. Through advertisement, the possibility of competition-winning against the company undertaking the advertisement project is reduced. The advertisement undertaken by Molson Beer is significant since it offers the company the opportunity to increase the attention of the public towards the products in question in a way that the effects of the presence of competition in the form of substitute products are reduced to the minimum. Therefore, through advertisement, the possibility of the company cementing their position as market leaders and trendsetters will be established.

The education and influence of customers occur through Molson Beer's advertisement campaign. For example, through the advertisement, the company can shape the thinking of the consumers in the way that they wish to, so that the thoughts and expectations of the consumers are aligned towards purchasing the beer so that their expectations can be met. Better quality of the advertised products occurs, since with the increased popularity that the productivity gains from the advertisement campaigns, the product will have to offer superior quality so that the needs of the consumers can be met. The advertisement campaigns have to meet the standards that they promise through their advertisements; otherwise, their campaigns will be expensive and not meet the expected targets. Through advertisements, as the one Molson Beer has undertaken, the sales efforts are made easier. When a product has been advertised, the possibility of being popular in the market increases, thus increasing the likelihood of being purchased by the customers. Simply put, the better the advertisement efforts, the easier the sales process will be since the customers will have been informed of the new product, educated and informed of the qualities and characteristics of the product, and also told of the possible locations that they can get the products from. On the other hand, products that do not have successful advertisement campaigns suffer from the need to introduce the product, explain its features and benefits, all during the sales process, hence making the possibility of purchases happening, or the possibility of the product being known in wider areas in the potential market even harder.

Reflection on the Paper

My analysis of the advertisement by Molson beer is significant to the reader, since it is informative. The analysis provides the reader witht the needed information and possible reasons for the setting of the advertisement. Through the analysis, this paper has explored the different reasons behind the advertisement’s setting, and how the reasons affect the decisions of the consumers to opt for Molson beer, despite there being stiff competition from substitute products. It is also through this analysis that information on the prospective buyers for the product, and how the advertisement appeals to them in different ways. Finally, through the paper, the importance of advertisement has been addressed, showing the benefits an organization stands to gain through a successful advertising campaign.

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