Achieving Company Goals: Business Factors & Competitive Advantage - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-29
Achieving Company Goals: Business Factors & Competitive Advantage - Essay Sample
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Every business company has its organizational operations guided by some stipulated missions and objectives to achieve its intended goals. These goals are often in propulsion by the need to attain and fulfill the companies' business factors. Therefore, they peg to the profit-oriented desires, business reputation, as well as specific and unique capabilities and resources. These attainments are incredibly vital in the business world of any industry's market and sector, to win their competitive advantages. The paper, therefore, discusses the critical business resources and capabilities that make Tesla Company win its market's competitive advantages.

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Tesla is an American manufacturer company of electric automobiles that mostly deals with cars and trains. It was founded in 2003 by a team of engineers who intended to prove to the entire world that electric vehicles possess significant advantages over the gasoline ones in terms of speed, fun, and comfort (Dana, 2018). The company has remained outstanding and unique in the world of automobiles due to its resources and capabilities. Its resources are inclusive of the intellectual property, which is the electric power train consisting of its pack of battery, power electronics, gearbox, motor, as well as the control software (Chen & Perez, 2018). It also entirely depends on its staff of engineers that perform the design, development, and manufacturing of its electric automobiles, as well as the marketing salespersons and supporting team of the customer service. On the other hand, the capabilities comprise of its unique and effective business model, which defines its good value proposition, customer segments and relationships, company channel, streams of revenue, partners, and activities (Moritz,). The establishment of these business strategies makes it win the industry's competitive advantages like monopolizing and dominating the sector's supply chain of batteries, motor models, and superchargers, among others.


Generally, Tesla Inc. still stands out since its establishment and domination of the industry of automobiles. It remains the winner of its market's competitive business advantage as it has generated, implemented, and adopted a unique aspect of business regarding its products, marketing strategies, technology, and research. In the same way, the company has consequently managed to avail productive resources, a fact that makes it easily satisfy the hardly achievable industry's capabilities.


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