Paper Example: Academic Suspension

Published: 2023-02-15
Paper Example: Academic Suspension
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I am currently on academic suspension, I wasn't surprised but was very upset to receive the dismissal letter due to that fact that I could not maintain an adequate GPA with Purdue university, I am trying to start all over again with XXX University. I am writing with the hope of being reinstated.

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I understand that it was my negligence that created the circumstances for my dismissal, and I have worked hard to regain my credibility. Purdue University was a great place to start. However, I found it difficult to adjust to life as a college student with fewer friends and drastically different education styles, that caused me to fail at the finals. After everything added up, it caused some psychological issues, which at that time, no one could have helped me around the Lafayette and West Lafayette. Since my suspension from the university, I've talked to my mom, who just got a coaching certificate. She realized the problem, but might not have had clear directions and guidance for me. I am now working as an IT staff in China Continent Property and Casualty Insurance company. I manage exchange servers and Microsoft domain controller, which is about 4300 email accounts and even more ad objects that are continually growing. During the times at my work, I have realized that all you need is focus on your goal and everything afterward becomes easier. Following ones, goals enable one to solve problems easily. My goal has never been more apparent to me, to try new software, new hardware, and apply them to better help other people has never been easy. After two years of being in IT, I started to realize and regret what I had done with my time, my parents, and all the money that I spent at Purdue. I understand my past mistakes and have learned to take responsibility for my academic failure and am ready to start all this over again with more determination and focus to succeed.

I may not be able to justify my poor academic performances by making excuses. However, I understand my flaws and am ready to take my responsibilities for the failure. I have a clear outline to aid me in future academic success. It means a lot to me to finish my studies and graduate from this university. This will give me a sense of accomplishment and will help me pursue my goals further. I plan and promise to focus better on my studies and manage my time wisely. I have even sought to advise even from professors and plan to do so to get more guidance on how to achieve excellent grades.

My work experiences in the field of IT after the dismissal has taught me important lessons, including and not limited to rebounding after failure. I would like to clarify that I am a person of good character and had no disciplinary cases in my university. I hope to get the chance to join your university and promise to keep up with my good conduct and focus on achieving excellent academic grades.

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