"How to Say No" Speech - Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-23
"How to Say No" Speech - Paper Example
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How many of us here hate to say no? Indeed, almost all of us. I am a victim of this, and as I grew up, I kept on giving in at the request of others to keep them happy and satisfied. I found out that when I say no, I end up being happy and relaxed. When attending to my internship, a close colleague kept asking me to cover his work as he attends to personal things which at first, I saw were genuine. I realized that at some point I have to say no and say it politely so that it does not come out like I am rude.

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In your life, have you ever at any point realized the consequences of saying no and how to say it politely? Through saying no you can utilize your mental energy and time appropriately. Today I will discuss the need to say no in a polite manner without offending those who requested to be assisted. Celestine in her journal of personal excellence discusses why people find it hard to say no and why it is essential to learn how to say no politely. She begins by stating that before saying no one should first understand why they are resisting, and she goes ahead to state the reasons why we find it hard to decline and the first reason involves being afraid of getting rude to others. Also, we tend to say yes just for the agreeable sake as we do not want to alienate ourselves from the group making us conform to what others want. Another reason for not saying no is due to the fear of conflict, and the need not burn bridges, fear of losing out on opportunities and the desire to help and not turn away. Ideally, the need to maintain the relationship tends to compel us to say yes even when we are not okay inside.

Therefore, we need to learn how to say no, and this depends on who we are dealing with and the situation we are in. Ideally, we cannot control the feeling of others when we say and sometimes, we have to say no by just keeping it simple and not overcomplicating it. For instance, rejecting an offer involves thanking those who invited you and letting them know why you cannot attend the function. Assume the event collides with your exam then you will say, "Sorry I cannot make as I am sitting for my final paper the same time. How I wish it were on a separate date". Another vital way to decline an offer or say no by offering an alternative for the person to see how much you are concerned about the issue.

Another common method of saying no involves using the deferring method. Here you do not have to give feedback or an answer right away, and this enables you to create some thinking space. For instance, you can say "The idea sounds cool, allow me some time to think it over." It is much ideal especially when dealing with salesmen with high pressure. Similarly rejecting by category is also an important technique of saying no. This entails rejecting the whole category of the request instead of looking at each one as this will consume your time given your busy schedule. You might be getting too many meetups, and the best way is to get out of the meetups fully. Another common way entails the use of an autoresponder in which those who email you get an automatic response and a good example is "Out of the office." This method indicates you are not ready for any discussion now.

In many business environments managers and CEO get assistants who will be attending to any query intended for them and before one could see them, the visitors must go through the secretaries or assistants. The secretaries would handle their emails and calls and this to me is unnecessary. Why can't they do all and still be superb managers? This is certainly not the best way of saying no but at the same time, you get the direct no answer from the managers. Today some of us block others on our mobile devices when we don't want to hear from them when they keep on abusing our contact details. Indeed, blocking is not the right way to go, and that is why the majority of us don't reply to messages. Failure to reply simply means a no and this Ideal when we get too many messages at a time, and others are not making any meaning.

Lastly saying no sometimes is essential rather than saying yes and ending up regretting why you did so. It gives us peace of mind, and we save on time which would have been taken by work from others. It is therefore essential for us to learn how to say no and when to say it so that we protect our interest and at the same time not anger those who requested us. So today I firmly believe you have acquired a powerful tool on how to say no politely.

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