Academic Purpose - Application Essay Sample

Published: 2018-01-28
Academic Purpose - Application Essay Sample
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Quality education is the key to unlocking opportunities. I studied at Rutgers University where I pursued Mathematics and majored in Finance. The Graduate School of Arts and Science at New York University, has an adequate number of lecturers in comparison to the number of students in attendance thus making it easier for students to learn concepts taught in class. From research conducted at the New York University, it is clear the institution is well equipped with the essential facilities that make it easier to pursue my course, resulting in the provision of quality services to the students. The New York University stands out especially with the course I want to study, Bachelor of Science mathematics with finance major.

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My previous work experience reinforced concepts I learned in class into real world situations. In the summer of 2013, I worked at Min Rui limited company as an accountant. This experience opened up my mind and gave me hands-on skills that I had learned in class only as a theory. From the summer of 2014, I started work at China Merchants Bank as an assistant financial adviser. This opportunity allowed me to view the financial sector from a different perspective.

In pursuing mathematics and majoring in finance, I would be strengthening my knowledge and gaining a better understanding of the field of finance. Having worked at the Min Rui limited company and China Merchants Bank both dealing with the finance department gave me the basic and hands-on experience on what it entails to be an accountant as well as financial adviser. My goals in the field of finance is, to be able to apply the learned knowledge through recognition of theories, terms, and ideas. I also want to be able to translate these learnings into real life and have analytic skills that enable me to better understand hypothesis and variables.

To develop synthesis through the construction of creative ideas and concepts in the financial field. Develop evaluation skills that would enable me to make good judgment through informed rationalizations. On the other hand organization skills, go a long way in ensuring smooth flow of activities and avoidance of mistakes in the finance field. And also to be able to relate situations and activities in the finance department to what I acquired in class.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance would allow me to reach my career aspirations of becoming a qualified actuary and financial adviser. One of my career goals is to be able to grow comprehensively; there is no limit in growth when it comes to a job. Despite one reaching their self-actualization in their career, there is always room to grow further and become more.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance would allow me to reach my career aspirations of becoming a qualified actuary and financial adviser. One of my career goals is to be able grow comprehensively and there is no limit in growth. Despite one reaching their career aspirations, there is always room for further growth. The enhancement of my management skills would be better horned as well as professional maturity.

Studying at New York University would help me achieve comprehensive and professional growth.

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