Sample Essay Discussing Social Media Sites and Apps

Published: 2022-11-09
Sample Essay Discussing Social Media Sites and Apps
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A discussion on Social media sites and application

Social media sites and applications have continued to act as the most convenient means of communication amongst the population globally. Social media platforms such as radio, televisions, Google, tweeter, internet, mobile phones, and emails have been noted to ease the transfer of information between the global population, Institutions, and organizations. They allow users to share digital photos, ideas, posts, videos, and share information about real-world events and activities. The social media platforms have also allowed people to connect with other individuals based in different locations around the world. The success of the social media sites and applications can be noted mainly through their dominance in the current society. For example, through Facebook has a huge number of active users globally. The use of media platforms, however, tends to vary based on the purpose to which the media platform is needed and the age of the users this has helped to trigger extreme levels of relationships and correlation between people with different personalities. The media platform can be categorized based on various factors that include, first, the media platforms used mainly for purposes of socializing such as Facebook. This is the platforms that people use to make new friends with whom they share ideas. Secondly, the media platforms used to assist users in certain information such as the internet or Google. This media platform is used by Most of the teens to conducts their school research. Thirdly, the platforms used particularly for the non-social communication such as LinkedIn where the users share information such as the available business or employment opportunities. This study intends to discuss the implications or effects of the social media sites and applications.

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Many applications and social media sites have been trending for a long time in recent years and are being used by a huge number of people around the globe. Most of the teenagers and youths intention is to try to comprehend the basics of these media sites and application. On the other hand, it becomes difficult for them to differentiate between the negatives and positives of their experiences with the media platforms. A huge percentage of the information that the users get from the applications and sites tend to be encouraging and exciting thus playing a major part in ensuring the users are interactive and alert. This consumes much of the teens and youths valuable time that should be spent on other important activities or duties. After joining the media platforms one should ensure that their association with the sites portrays high levels of maturity, this helps to avoid posting or sharing information that alters the nature of interaction with other users. In most cases, the teens have been linked to sharing awkward text and photos that bring about huge controversies in the media sites and even sometimes leading to the closure of the media platform. This can, however, be avoided through the parents play a major role in selecting the appropriate sites for their teens to use to ensure that their kids are on the safer sides of the media platforms.

Impacts of social media sites and applications

Time wastage and addiction

Most of the media sites and application users particularly the teenagers tend to spend most of their precious time focusing on media conversations, and activities since They tend to find the media interactions to be very pleasant and attracting. In most cases, the teens who are in constant access to this media platform tend to consume most of their time interacting and fail to find or allocate time to study thus leading to poor academic performance. The teens who are constantly using the media platforms are reported to record poor academic grades since they spend less time in books Continuous teens access to the media sites and applications leads to addiction such that the teen can complete their normal day without accessing the media sites. The rate of addiction is particularly considered to be high among teens with smartphones since they spend most of their private time such as sleeping time and reading glued to the media sites. In different occasions, parents have had to punish their children for having neglected their duties due to their increased focus on media apps and sites. Also, the continued addiction tends to minimize or affect the family and friends relationship considering that much of the time is spent online sharing nasty things with online friends.

Promotes individual association levels

Despite the media platforms having certain impacts, certain applications such as Facebook have helped to reduce individual loneliness through the creation of an arena where the teens can interact with other individuals freely. The media sites and application facilitate the creation of new friends thus boosting the individual association levels. Interacting with online friends helps one to find more convenient ways of expressing his or her ideas and also listening to the concerns of others. Some of the teens find it hard to associate themselves with other people in the real world, but it becomes easy for them to communicate and make friends in the media sites and applications. Despite most of the online friends particularly on Facebook being familiar to each other most of the media sites and application users tend to find their association and interaction more pleasant than what they usually have in their normal life. The media platform access also reduce the boredom of interacting with similar faces throughout. Being in constant interaction with similar faces tend to minimize the chances of engaging in constructive conversations as compared to the online interaction where people discuss different topics with different friends and also give varying opinions to the discussions.

Shapes individual moral values

In most cases interacting with strangers in the media sites and applications helps to develop personal morals and also offer people the opportunity to understand the reality of the issues in the society. For example, the media platform have developed a strong link between the young population and their future employees. This has helped to share crucial information on what is needed of then for them to earn certain employment opportunities. This helps to boost individual moral values and also shape their future career opportunities. The decision making the power of the youths and teens also tends to improve through the continuous interaction with online friends who tend to have different personalities.


Media has promoted communication and sharing of information among the population, institutions, and organizations. This has been achieved due to the increased number of media sites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones among others. The nature of information and the media platform to use however depends on the individual personalities, and age. Most of the people particularly the teens, however, tend to use the media sites and applications without considering the positives and the negatives of their interaction with the media platforms. Therefore it is important for people particularly the parent to ensure that their teens are using the appropriated media sites and applications to ensure that they are on the stateside. The media platforms tend to have both the positive and the negative implications towards the users this include, time wastage, and addiction, promoting individual association levels and shaping the individual moral values.

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