How GI Health Can Impact Overall Health? - Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-14
How GI Health Can Impact Overall Health? - Essay Sample
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GI is an abbreviation used in medicine to stand for gastrointestinal which means the small intestines, the colon, and the stomach (Lecomte, Leclerc, & Wykes, 2016). Most of the time the food we eat determine the health our GI if you eat a lot of spicy or sugary foods that cannot be easily digested or put a lot of strain on the stomach and the intestines during digestion and they will have to suffer all the side effects. Having a health GI has a lot of benefits to the entire body just the same way as an unhealthy gut has some adverse effects on the body (Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2013 Edition: ScholarlyBrief, 2013). A lot of awareness concerning healthy leaving and how to maintain a robust digestive system has been raised all over the world, and people who wish to enjoy the benefits of healthy living have embraced better living ways.

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Firstly, an unhealthy GI impairs your digestion process, and an excellent digestive system is supposed to have proper digestion (Ferrarelli, 2015). The first indication of ill gastrointestinal health is lousy digestion. When there is weak stability of bacteria in the abdomen, it starts affecting the whole system. Acid destroys the intestines and makes bowel movements irregular. At the moment when the harmful bacteria is through with attacking your digestive tract then they will turn to your immunity. So once your GI health is not in good shape, it will directly affect your body protection. Having a low immune system that is not strong to fight off some diseases and infections can cause harm and weaken the entire body (Schlenker & Gilbert, 2018).

Secondly, an unhealthy GI will lead to irrational weight increase, once your mental well-being is impaired, you will be able to see the indication of a sick abdomen showing in your whole body. You will begin increasing weight. You will need to recognize the signs of an altered GI health externally. Bacteria in the stomach can influence the metabolism flow of your body (Suzuki, 2016). This bacteria will relatively reduce your ability to assimilate the good calories in food, and your body will begin losing the capacity to distinguish good calorie and bad calorie, which will additionally transform into fat and ultimately raise your overall mass. People who suffer from an unhealthy GI should follow a well-balanced diet and workout frequently (Sanchez-Guevara, 2018). A healthy stomach is crucial to any person who wants to be strong and healthy. Take charge of your GI's health and everything extra about your body, and general health will fall into place.

Thirdly, it can keep us awake at night, certain foods when consumed close to bedtime can cause poor digestion, and should thus be avoided or should be eaten at certain levels to minimize their effects. Eating spicy foods that have a lot of fats can be detrimental to our digestive systems since fats are hard to digest and they may end up harming the digestive system as a whole (Suzuki, 2016). Poor digestion or constipation can cause sleepless nights and fatigue for people. Individuals who don't have a night of adequate sleep at night may entirely end up being tired the whole day and fail to do anything constructive throughout the day. Persons who have a healthy digestive system are better off since they do not have to suffer from sleeplessness or fatigue as compared to their counterparts who have an unhealthy tract. Consuming green foods is an excellent way of maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Sleepless nights do not give the body the required time and environment that it needs to improve on the entire body health.

Fourthly, it can mess with our energy levels; when you consume a lot of sugar, it can increase your blood sugar and cause hyper-ness, accompanied high reactivity several hours later. Alternatively, we should take meals with a lot of nutrients and bites prepared with greens, vegetables, and fruits since these products can help maintain a healthy digestive system (Hodgetts & Hausman, 2015). An increased blood sugar level does not only affect your GI but also comes with several health problems that can affect the entire body.

Additionally, it can be overloaded by the wrong meals, consuming toxic foodstuffs that are extraordinarily processed and can put a strain on the digestive system, leading to some difficulties when digesting the food particles and poor digestion. Foods that are highly processed hype and put pressure on our body systems in of couple ways. Firstly, they usually hold a lot of sugar and refined grains. These ingredients when consumed in large amount cause our body system to work extra hard and take extra time to prepare them, and to add on, these foods avail little or no nutritional benefit at all (cooper & Gosnell,2018). These foods that have no additional nutritional value to the body may lead to gain of a lot of weight. Overweight people have sometimes been diagnosed by adverse health complications and which in most cases they don't have cures or are terminal.

Also, it causes mood swings, our blood sugar levels generally determine our moods and behavior, and when we consume a lot of products that contain lots of sugar which we are not easily digestible after drinking them, they can cause sugar levels not to balance. Additionally, well-balanced meals with a lot of fruits and vegetables assist in balancing body power and attitude, but also support all activities of our body systems including aging slowly and minimizing the risk of so many terminal diseases (Lyte & Cryan, 2014). When a person suffers from adverse mood swings, then it may end up affecting their appetite, and they may not be able to consume enough food that is healthy and could provide the required nutrients and energy for the body. Mood swings can sometimes make the body become sick and fail to protect themselves from diseases.

To add on, it interferes with our hormones, eating products that contain a lot of hormones, foods such as beef, can adversely affect our body hormones and might lead to increased risk of cancer. Eating a lot of sugars affects and increases the level of insulin in the body, this may eventually lead to resistance to insulin by the body, and this leads to an imbalance of hormones in the body (Darbre, 2015). When the body has an affected balance in its hormone, it can hardly support its immune system, and this leaves the body open for other infections that may attack it due to low immunity. Hormone imbalance in somebodies makes it hard for the body parts to function to their perfection and as expected.

It also leads to irregular waste removal when we experience difficulty absorbing food; we can suffer from bloating, abdominal problems which make regular bowel movements a problem, consuming foods that contain a lot of fiber, can ease and get things moving and limit GI troubles. Having regular bowel movement can help the body to detoxify and remove any impurities from the body that may cause harm to it (Parmmi, Vallejo & Abrams, 2014). Different people have different forms of bowel movements, some people may empty their bowels once per day, and some twice or three times, it all depends on every individual. Keep waste in our body longer than they are required to be there and will transform them into poison in the body and you might start complaining of stomach and constipation. Abdominal discomforts or pain may be unbearable sometimes and may even cause loss of sleep if their impact is adverse. If a person can experience abnormal bowel movements of, for example taking longer before removing waste from their bodies, then they may end up harboring harmful bacteria that may affect the body's health.

Gut infection can us stress up, and when we are under pressure, our stomachs can also suffer from stress, as well, causing pains and a slower metabolism. If this happens, our levels of stress increase and they may lead to depression or any other harmful side effects to the body. This culture of stress and poor absorption of food can interfere with our health and happiness as time goes by, so it's a great idea to try some different relaxing methods to mitigate the stress. When we have a lot of pressure for over a long period, it may make us sick. For example, we can have low energy, headaches, stomachaches, constipation, and low self-esteem. It is advisable that you maintain a healthy digestive to avoid the ailments mentioned above. In the case that a person finds out that they have an unhealthy GI, then they should consult their doctor for advice (Wyllie, Hyams & Kay, 2015). When suffering from adverse stress, people sometimes experience headaches which is a negative impact of having an unhealthy gastrointestinal system.

The gut itself is also affected by the infection, having good stomach health and healthy villi can have a direct impact on our digestion. When having harmful bacteria in our GI, we are very likely to suffer from stomach upset and pains and a slower digestive process. In the case that we have healthy stomach flora, our stomachs function more efficiently; it is advisable that you consume a lot of fiber and supplement that facilitates easier digestion of food. When harmful bacteria attack the gut that it cannot fight, it may fail to efficiently carry out its digestion function because the system will be under attack and infected. A sick GI will generally transform into an upset stomach the may be very uncomfortable, dealing with a running stomach may make an individual ill or lower their self-esteem the person is at a public place (Parmmi, Vallejo & Abrams, 2014). The beauty of a healthy gut is when you are full of health and do not suffer from the above predicaments.

An unhealthy gut can have an adverse effect your liver when our body's digestive system cannot digest consumed food as required, or drink alcohol; for example, it can harm our liver's functionality and health. When a lot of acid increases in the body, which comes from overeating, for example, when the body fails to break down food quick enough, it can eventually lead to indigestion and make our liver not operate as it supposed to. The human liver is capable of repairing damaged cells, but when an unhealthy GI harms it, the body will have to suffer due to the body cells not being fixed. Lack of concentration, itchy skin, and bad breath are some of the problems that an individual may suffer from in the case of liver infections (Ferrarelli, 2015). Also, when you realize that you experience a lot of bleeding when you have a cut, or the skin is scratched, then you should be aware that your liver has a problem and the cells that are supposed to help your skin heal are inadequate.

A healthy GI requires us to get enough nutrient, if we suffer from stomach problems, for example, pain, irregular bowel movement processes. It might mean that we have failed to absorb or to consume the nutrients that the body needs to develop a happy, stomach surrounding and an efficient digestive process. When we eat lean proteins, fruits, healthy fats, and fiber, we ensure that nutrients are of the right quantity. Eating adequate nutrients for the GI means that the body will also end up benefiting from the nutrients and be able to fight off any infections that may attack it. Gastrointestinal health in so many ways impacts the health of the entire body because it is the system that deals with the digestion food and removal of waste products from the body (Hodgetts & Hausman, 2015). Emptying your bowels will enable your body to get rid of harmful waste that could lead to the survival of bacteria in the GI and cause adverse effects to the body.

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