A Roadmap to End Aging, Free Essay

Published: 2017-10-11
A Roadmap to End Aging, Free Essay
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According to the programmed theory of aging, aging was determined by the biological elements in individuals’ bodies that determined events like growth and development. Hence, changes in gene elements that affected repair, maintenance and defense response in the body would determine aging. Error or damage theory, on the other hand, outlines that the environmental elements that induced destructions to individuals’ body tissues were responsible for the aging processes. Scholars such as Aubrey de Grey have argued that aging is nothing beyond human control but a disease that individuals could find a cure to if provided with sufficient time to conduct research on the techniques that could be employed in dealing with issues to do with aging. Even with the dissimilar ways in which human beings age; Grey believed that all transformations that surfaced with individuals’ aging occurrences could be reversed in one way or another. These proclamations are assertions that no sound-minded individual with an understanding of nature would agree with.

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In as much as Grey declares in his speech that it was not worthwhile to impose contradictory values to future generations, he fails to consider the actuality that, individuals’ efforts to work on averting aging would result to the violation of some of the values upheld in individuals’ societies. The truth is that aging is a natural occurrence that no amount of science could be used in deterring its inevitability. We all have to age someday with or without the intervention of scientific methods that could be used in stopping or avoiding aging processes. Before individuals think of coming up with techniques they could use in alienating aging, persons need to contemplate how their world would be in the future if it happened that people lived without dying. If immortality were to be the case in our societies then life would lose meaning and the value that it currently has in most societies.

Ageing is valued in numerous communities across the universe. In most societies, elderly people were the most respected members of the society. Therefore, if ageing were to be estranged there would be no more old people to care for and earn immense respect in the society thus limiting some of the practices related to the elderly in communities globally. Consequently, if Grey’s idea of finding ways to do away with aging happened, societies in the forthcoming days would lose some of the values they upheld in their practices. For instance, there would be no more old people to cherish as the most respected members of the society. Additionally, we would no longer have individuals who could advise other members of their communities on important matters such as community development.

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