A Letter to the Director of the Mayor's Office About Homelessness in the City. Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-21
A Letter to the Director of the Mayor's Office About Homelessness in the City. Essay Example
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I am writing this letter to you to bring to your attention the issue of homelessness currently affecting the city. As you are aware, homelessness has tremendously impacted American society from different dimensions. Previous reports and case studies from other states and cities have shown that homelessness has affected homeless individuals more negatively. Many Americans have been subjected to a multitude of health-related concerns to the extraordinary. In the same way, the local conditions have also widely dictated the nature and extent of these issues. It is crucial to have a better understanding of the homeless community within a given municipality. For instance, within your city, homelessness has caused premature mortality compared to those who are appropriately housed, with injuries and unintentional overdose, and extreme weather events being critical contributors' drivers of this mortality. The homeless have a poor quality of life because they suffer the pain associated with poor sleeping conditions and limited access to medical services and other salutary resources. They have also been shown to suffer from various skin ailments due to the effects caused by cold weather conditions.

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It is also essential to bring to your attention that homelessness as a social issue has a significant impact on the government budget and financial systems of your municipality, the state, and the federal governments. One fact that has been established by recent research is that a considerable proportion of the homeless people are the undocumented immigrants, who find it difficult to get jobs and end up leading impoverished lives. Besides, most people who experience job loss and a long period of unemployment may end up being homeless. As a result, the government ends up using a massive amount of financial resources to provide social support services to the victims as part of the federal government's initiative. Such expenses also exert huge pressure on the taxpayers, who end up being subjected to high taxation. There is thus a need to conduct a statistical study to address this issues. The following research question is critical in addressing the homelessness in your city council.

Research Question: How can the number of homeless people in the city be integrated in the urban planning design and processes with an aim of addressing the homelessness?

A major challenge involved in addressing homelessness in the city has been the provision of accurate statistics based on the techniques utilized to collect them and the context in which it is defined. In any case, accurate measurements are critical for designing evidence-based policies. The analysis of the causes of homelessness within the meaning of city planning will be crucial in the design of the appropriate policy measures. It is highly critical to note that the causes of homelessness within the city might often be misinterpreted or hidden. One of the numerous common misconceptions is that homelessness is contributed by individual situations instead of just the inequalities associated with housing, welfare, public services, employment, and distribution.

One major fascinating issue in the midst of all these is that a valid city or urban planning techniques can help effectively address the problem of homelessness. Planning for the establishment of affordable housing through neighborhood development strategies and creating the communities will help to accommodate the population growth within the city. It will also help revitalize the projects and the entire issue of urban planning that will help address the challenge.

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