Comparison Essay Example on Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians Diets

Published: 2022-02-22
Comparison Essay Example on Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians Diets
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There has been a robust debate that has taken a faster pace over and over again; these raged debates have been about the diets of a vegetarian and the diet of a non-vegetarian. There has been confusion about which diet is better than the other. That has created considerable confusion among people on which dietary program to follow. Human beings are known to be a creature who loves comfort, are stubborn, and who have a habit. We occasionally get ill because of taking a meal less in diet or due to overeating. Being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian doesn't count in human life, but ever since this issue has been made of great value to all.

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Majorly, human beings are classified into two distinct classes:

The vegetarians

The non-vegetarians

A vegetarian is a person whose diet is whole of foods from the plants together with dairy and milk but entirely refrains from taking all food derived from animals and meat, including the animal's by-products. (Graimes, et al. 2015)

A non-vegetarian on the other side is one who consumes all foods from plants together with by-product got from animals like beef, fish, and poultry.

Vegetarians Diet

Almost every study carried out in respect to people who are vegetarians has provided that they stand a higher risk of having; anemia due to iron deficiency, deficiency in zinc and deficiency in the B12 vitamin. Although being a vegetarian has the above demerits, they also are and can be able to acquire nutrition exclusively out of the vegetarian diet. For instance, if vegetarians consume different kinds of foods in their exact quantities of foods in every food group, then a vegetarian diet will be able to meet the requirements of all nutrients. Vegetarians who concentrate primarily on foods that are rich in zinc, vitamin B12, and calcium to prevent any possible deficiency, are better placed from reaching optimal health.

Non-vegetarian Diet

Non-vegetarians are commonly known to consume foods that are rich in fat. It includes food such as beef, poultry, and pork. Studies have shown that the most significant increase in consumption has been for poultry, fish, and chicken. Fish and chicken have been said not to result in chronic related illness. However, if fish and chicken are fried deeply, partly in oils that are hydrogenated, then they can be one of the significant possible results to heart illness since they can have acids that are Trans fatty. Also, studies have indicated that non-vegetarians have the following;

Shorter lifespan and subject to a chronic illness that vegetarians.

Liable more for hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes

Take fewer fruits, and vegetarians than required.

Which Is Better Than The Other?

The present trends of vegetarian and non-vegetarians reveal that both take more of refined cereals such as; bread, and white rice in comparison to; brown rice, and whole wheat bread. Refined grains do not contain their fiber and vitamins due to the processing process. With the many varieties of processed and packed foods available on every shelf today, we all get our pockets empty for the convenience of the cost of wasting our health. In the process, we end up making the manufactures filthy rich. We are taking much of processed foodstuffs and readily available foods like baked products and fried foods instead of more nutritious and healthy goods like unprocessed fresh vegetables and fruits. Salt also is another point of concern; this is because we consume a lot of it from processed foods, baked goods, packed foods, and fatty beef. The consumption of; baked foods, fried foods, refined cereals, fatty meats, and salts, all this combined promotes the high risk of contracting obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

The thing is both diets can help everyone reach an optimal health condition, help stop deficiencies and the other chronic diseases. Moreover, this can only be possible if we focus our attention towards maintaining a healthy and a diet adequate by selecting the correct quantity and high-quality products. Practically, both groups, that is, vegetarians and the non-vegetarians, should begin taking a balanced diet and do lots of exercises more often and adequately, but much important divert their behavior from fast foods.

Advantages of Vegetarian Diet Over Non-Vegetarian Diet

Food is a choice for any person, but we have to choose wisely since there are pros and demerits of whatever we take. The following are a few factors about vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Merits of Vegetarian Diets;

Anti-Oxidants; fruits, nuts, vegetables with green leaves, and herbs have been proved to contain properties that are medical related and are full of antioxidants. Anti-oxidants help in the fixing of the body from free radicals and have them disposed of away. This helps the body from disorders and many other diseases. Contrary to this findings, chicken and red meat raise the toxicity within the human body.

Vitamins and Minerals; diets that are a plan based are much high in vitamin and mineral contents. It is believed that vegetarians are likely to suffer from B12 vitamin deficiencies of which is not a true case. This is because many vegans' goods like soybeans, soymilk, and fortified grains possess sufficient quantities of the B12 vitamins. In the event of a deficiency, a supplement can be taken orally.

Water; products got from plants usually contain much water. Consumption of vegetables and fruits regularly aids in the completion of water requirement in the body in a day. Enough calories as well. Vegans' diet is also full of fiber, protein, and water together with all the other smaller nutrients. However, the non-vegetarian meal may give other calories than of the body's needs which leads to obesity.

High Fiber; Every plant-based products say fruits, cereals, pulses, vegetables or nuts rich in fiber. Fiber is an essential part of anyone's every time nutritional needs. Fiber gives the body bulkiness which aids in the passage of the stool without difficulties. Fiber again helps in the cleaning of the body digestion process. Non-vegetarian products majorly lack fiber. Consumption of foods that lack fiber on a daily basis can result in digestive process problems like indigestion, colon cancer, loss of appetite and constipation.

Disadvantages of Non-Vegetarian Diet

High Levels of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats; non-vegan products such as chicken, mutton, fish eggs and beef normally are in high protein levels, fats and carbs a situation that presents an uneasy process with digestion system to digest. If only the non-vegan goods are consumed with their right quantities of salads, the process of digestion of non-vegan products can go easily. Failure to which there will be the production of acids, constipation, and indigestion. (Frazier et al. 2013)

Carcinogens; Carcinogens include the bodies that give rise to cancer in human beings. This happens when they get deposited in the body. Many types of research have shown that an animal related diet is high in this carcinogens. The reason behind this studies is due to the unhygienic breeding, slaughtering foods to animals and feeding the animals. Also could be due to low antioxidants; red meat and chicken meat are known to give high crabs and also proteins but majorly be in lack of minerals and vitamins. This situation that results in body toxicity leading to anxiety, low energy, irritated traits, and headache together with a stomach disorder.

Aggression; many researchers through their studies have shown that people taking animal products tend to be more aggressive than those who take plant foods. This has been argued to be due to toxicity, low levels of water in the body and heat. On the defense, People taking plant related foods usually remain cool and portray little anger in whatever place they maybe are, in work or at home. (In Mariotti, et al. 2016)

Heart Diseases; Red meat has been associated to containing high rates of calories, fats, and cholesterol which studies have shown to have the consumer in a higher risk of related heart diseases like high blood pressure, blockage of arteries, and also heart attack.

Obesity; Due to reduced suppliers of poultry and increased demand for this products, farmers have resulted in injecting the animals with hormones to fasten their growth. Consumption of this animal foods can result in hormonal imbalance diseases, especially in women. This also has been linked to disrupting metabolism which eventually leads to obesity.

Unhygienic Foods; Farming of animals in a polluted and dirty environment is unhealthy. A dirty environment, lack of fresh air and excess of the animals 'wastes can result to damage their body organs. If that kind of animals is eaten, it may lead to health conditions like discomfort, intestinal disorders or even poisoning.


Although there has been a heated debate on the issue of vegan dietary and the non-vegan diets, everyone should understand that every food he or she consumes has its own merits and demerits. It is advisable that one weigh the importance over the demerits to ascertain on what to consume. Living healthy is not a matter of choice because living unhealthy life results in some complications that are subsequently very costly and may eventually lead to death.


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