Cracking the Monolith: Challenges of Product Dev. Models to Business Ops Mgmt

Published: 2022-12-27
Cracking the Monolith: Challenges of Product Dev. Models to Business Ops Mgmt
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Today, the centrality and effectiveness of technological innovations and product development models to business operation management are unquestioned. Nonetheless, several challenges accompany these modern management models (Davis, 2013). The case study, "cracking the monolith explores and substantiates the different challenges that two product development models pose to the business operations management especially procurement process in a government system. Therefore, this paper seeks to underscore a critical discussion of the critical issues, facts, and challenges of the product development approach to the business operation management and determine possible recommendations.

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Critical Issues

The critical issue lies in the selection and transition of the development model and the bureaucratic hindrances that impede the implementation of the agile product development model (Datla & Eaves, 2019). Will the Californian government with their stringent procurement bureaucracy foster a modular approach?

Critical Facts

For the Californian saga, significant concern emerge from the handling development models themselves, to begin with, slowed pace, or derailed implementation of the proposed project by frustrating government bureaucracies. It is intuitive that the government procurement process is so onerous and takes much time, which can even, leads to the failure of the project (Datla & Eaves, 2019). It is also a fact that the agile development approach in the best contemporary approach to deal with government project today. It is also a fact that the different many procurement rules and protocols in the Californian government derail reasonable and feasible projects.


The government is faced with a challenge to decide which model between the two product development models is the best to solve the problem at hand of the outdated and backward social work database system. Even though the agile development approach is the best model of the social work department to revolutionize their social care operations other factors in the system such as procurement rules and slow pace of reforms are hindrances (Datla, & Eaves, 2019). The government procurement process is so frustrating and onerous at the same time so procedural thus takes much time and sometimes leads to failure of the project since issues such as budget estimate, a schedule of development, comprehensive need analysis together with feasibility study report takes even months hence making the implementation process cumbersome.


Based on the critical issues and facts discussed above the following are some of the feasible recommendations to avert and solve the problems new agile model transformation. Firstly, for the case of Californian Department of Social Services (DSS) procurement bureaucracy challenge and the rigorous procurement process, feasibility study report, 'stage gate' system is necessary to assist overcome the problem.

Effectiveness of Recommended Decisions

In the case of the Department of Social Services DSS, the "Stage Gate" is the best approach to solving the menace. Despite the many complaints and reasons for failures of not meeting target such as complicated IT systems, the "Stage Gate" would help the government units to examine the problems first before jumping to solving the issues.

ExecutionThe Californian government develops policies and laws that enforce and uphold "Stage Gate" strategy to improve the government procurement process.

Scenario Planning

The major challenge, in this case, is the frustrating bureaucratic producers that derail government projects as well as organizing different government units to implement change. Creating a self-organizing team in this case, a commission to look into the implementation process and relevant and useful change policies solves the problems (Davis, 2013).

In conclusion, everyday business operations management experience different challenges that require more insightful ideas and correct development project to overcome. Most firms most prefer agile software development because it is a modern method, a holistic approach, and the best to deal with the government onerous procurement process.


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Davis, B. (2013). Agile practices for waterfall projects: Shifting processes for competitive advantage. Plantation, FL: J. Ross Pub.

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