Essay Sample: 3 Steps to Be a Good Student

Published: 2017-07-14
Essay Sample: 3 Steps to Be a Good Student
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I`m pretty sure we have all been in the struggle of trying to be better students, right? It is totally ok, because with experience and as we further our education we gain skills and techniques that will help us achieve academic goals. In case someone needs some advice on how to be a better student there are three items that can every student can work on. We know that there will always be a tomorrow so with being on time is key, as the year progresses we turn in papers and receive back papers so that calls for being organized and finding a way to get a good sleep is essential for our everyday learning. Following these simple steps can help to enhance our school years.

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First, being on time to class, school events and if part of school sports the clock is vital. An effective way to start to be on time is to set an alarm about 30 minutes before the time of the event starts. In that way, it gives you plenty of time to get ready and be 10 minutes early without having to worry. Being on time to classes prevents from missing important announcements being said at the beginning. Professors are big on attendance and it can go against your favor if being late is a tendency.

Second, we receive all kinds of papers and documents from school that need to be sorted and stored. I know many students struggle with being organized 100% of the time. But the good news is that being organized only takes the will to do it and effort. Instead of sticking papers in desk drawers or backpacks it will be smart if you get different colored folders that have inside pockets to store papers. That way they don`t get damaged and you know they are there for sure. It will also help if you get sticky notes and write what each folder stands for example, sport related paperwork, quizzes/exams, deadlines/syllabus etc.

Third, a busy student must prioritize every item that they know that needs to be done in that way they get their full 8 hours of sleep. Most students tend to do other stuff that cuts down on sleep for example, being on social media late at night. Since they get entertained with what they are seeing the brain is engaged in the activity at that time so the sleeping focus tends to fade away. Getting 8 full hours of sleep each night can help a student to concentrate in class way better compared to having 4-5 hours of sleep.

All in all, these are a few tips that students can follow to be better students in the classroom. If these steps are followed with a positive and productive attitude school life can be way easier to handle. Being able to take control of the circumstances that you know that you can control life can be less hectic. These actions that are easy to take forward will improve your ability to be more responsible in school. We need to make changes that we know that will benefit our present and our future.

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