Essay Sample on "2020 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl Commercial (All You Need to Know)"

Published: 2023-10-16
Essay Sample on "2020 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl Commercial (All You Need to Know)"
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Toyota Highlander advertisement titled “Heroes” features Cobie Smulders Thomas Barbusca, Emily Hudson, and Saatchi Dallas (go wherever they need you to let us go places). The all-new Toyota Highlander goes wherever and whenever it is needed. The 2020 ad explains to its viewers that this vehicle can take buyers wherever they desire to go. The fourth generation of this benchmark SUV brings a new look of the bold, distinctive design to a foundation built on safety, comfort, quality, durability, and reliability set by predecessors. The 2020 Highlander illustrates qualities while taking on a dramatic new design direction that combines a powerful SUV presence with sophisticated detailing, making viewers and buyers want to have the car. In the ad, Cobie Smulders, who acts as a mum behind the wheels, arrives at every scene at the right time to save the hero characters from familiar movies left behind in danger. After saving family and friends, Cobie picks up the heroes and her son, showing that the new 2020 Toyota Highlander has more room and space for both people and cargo. The title in the Big Bowl Game Commercial ad demonstrates the Toyota Highlander's capability in adventure, unleashing the hero in the driver and the interior space making it the right family car.

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In the all-new 2020 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl Commercial, it begins with a scene at a nuclear power plant under fire with a rumbling sound. In the background, viewers can see what looks like another Chornobyl disaster. One man dressed in a red hazmat suit sacrifices himself and stays behind because there is no room in the oversized hazmat vehicle. As yellow smoke resembling mustard gas starts to surround the man, a woman driving the new Toyota Highlander pulls up and says, “I got the room; hop in.” The second scene shows a cowboy from a farm home, as he sends his family away in a horse from incoming scoundrels to save their lives. In the third scene, a woman tries to distract a monster in an artic science place after the friends drive off in a motor sled. The fourth scene shows a man, Smulders’s son, in the rain who is frustrated when he tells the woman in a taxi, Cobie shows up and tells him to get in, and they drive off.

The all-new Toyota Highlander marketers use the strongest appeal, “The need to feel safe.” Jib Fowles explains that the need to feel safe is to” stave off threats to our well-being and our families.” The Toyota Company in the All-New 2020 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl Commercial from 2020 demonstrates this need. In the ad, only the Toyota Highlander was built to meet this standard by going places where only the toughest working vehicles can meet people to pick them from danger, connecting places, and people. This ad appeals to man’s need to feel safe because he wants to be out of danger and be secure, and in this ad, Toyota does. Each scene demonstrates a dangerous situation, and each time one person was left behind, the Highlander swooped in to save the individual. The scene demonstrates hazardous conditions, and each time one person was left behind, the Highlander swooped in to save the individual, a high-intensity music trailer is used to create suspense in the dangerous moments. When the Highlander shows up, the creator uses low-intensity cool music as the characters enter the vehicle. The Highlander makes exciting turns and twists to escape the monster, which tries to pull them back, and in the last part, shows the car speeds leaving the beast. The ad appeal shows that the vehicle is conveniently made to withstand any challenge in adventure, providing safety.

The all-new Toyota Highlander marketers use its second appeal, “the need to escape and seek rest or adventure.” The dashing image of the driver, nuclear plant, and horrible animal is a standard way of quickening this need to get away from it all. Freedom is the pitch here, the freedom that every individual yearns for whenever life becomes too oppressive. (Fowles) All the actors always feel bad whenever they let go of their loved ones, but at the end of each scene, Cobie with the new Highlander says, “pop in, I gat room.” The advertisers created a past, present, and futuristic situation that shows no SUV except Toyota highlander can always drive you out of danger. The ad shows the Toyota highlander has more room to accommodate people and is always there to go places. At the end of each scene, Cobie is always there, even to her own son “Brian” to pick them up. At the end of the ad, the narrator makes us believe the all-new 2020 Toyota highlander can go wherever it is needed “Beyond new Toyota “Let Go Places” (Toyota Highlander). The monster tries to hit the windscreen, and in the last part, it tries to subdue the car by pulling, but the Highlander drives away. The high-intensity music in the advert carries the viewer in the exciting journey of the Highlander with twists and turns.

The audience for the all-new Toyota Highlander is a woman who wants to dominate in the drive-by, helping and picking up people who are stranded due to different circumstances they find themselves. The people in the ad are of different ages, with different professions and are hard-working. The main character is a woman; “Cobie Smulders” other are Thomas Barbusca, Emily Hudson, Saatchi Dallas, and Brain, which acted as her son after the friends left with the taxi because there was no room for him to be accommodated in the car. These elicit the emotional appeal of “need to escape” and add the “need to feel safe.” By being the toughest, have room to accommodate, and the only one “that go places,” parents can see the importance of driving a Toyota highlander. The added image of picking up her son in the rain shows and increase its value for the parent about its “safety” for every home to have. Using a woman in the ad shows that the Toyota Highlander can be driven not just by men but also by women, and this could expand its market beyond expectation.

While the commercial was intended for Super Bowl viewers who are mostly women, the ad assumes that only the determined and toughest of both men and women can make it through disasters. Women are powerful behind the wheel when driving. The assumption about the ad is realistic that women can handle and help during difficult time and situation. The ad also assumes that other races or ethnicities would be interested in the SUV because it involves every race shown in the ad. The ad may also imply that only the middle class to the wealthiest class will make it through a natural disaster or apocalyptic event since the average price of a new 2020 Toyota Highlander SUV can range from $32,000 – 51,000, making it out of range for many people to avoid.

Advertising is here to stay and is not likely to go away. Marketers reconsider people to buy their product without the buyers, even realizing it. The all-new Toyota Highlander Super Bowl Commercial used both the “Appeal to Escape” and “Feel Safe” appeal to both men and women. However, Toyota uses both men, women, and parents of different races and ethnicities to make it a saving “Hero” for all. Toyota works to convince its audience that Toyota Highlander is “all you need to know” and “go places.”

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