2). Federal Activity Reflection Essay

Published: 2022-09-01
2). Federal Activity Reflection Essay
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The massive spending on the United States military and defense sector helps in the maintenance of peace and harmony in the United States. In this case, the defense personnel maintains peace and harmony enables economic activities such as farming, manufacturing, and scientific researches to continues quite well thus enhancing the prosperity of the nation. Besides, the escalated success in the economic landscape will provide a conducive environment for the employment activities of the upcoming talents which also help in boosting economic growth through their useful discoveries and innovations.

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The huge budgetary allocations for the military and defense is also accountable by way of the employees all people working in the defense lines of duties. There is the personnel employee d in the military, and they will then be able to earn their living. I the process, they will be in fit conditions to attend to the basic needs of their families and also be able to above some amount of money for further investments. Such investments will earn the government some revenues in the form of taxes further used in various national programs. On the other side, the investments made by the military personnel will also be sources of employment for the people working in those business enterprises. The investments will also boost the gross domestic product of the United States of America hence raising the economy.

The budgeting above has impacted my understanding of the budgeting process which has to go through some stages before being approved as a final proposition. The Congress contributes significantly to the budgeting process where they dictate how the government should allocate budgetary finances to different sectors of the economy. What should be done to streamline the current budget process is to put into consideration the previous budgetary allocations on the same sectors and base on them in making current year's budgetary allocations. It will help in ensuring that little or no government money goes to waste, while all the sectors are correctly budgeted for. Doing the budgeting activity above as a group would have been difficult in the sense that different people would have been advocating for different budgetary allocations to different sectors according to their opinions, thus leading to the slowed budgeting process. Moreover, when other states can keep pace and environment which is conducive for the thriving of their economic activities, United States will, in turn, get to benefit greatly. It benefits through the trading activities which it transacts with such nations, enabling its industries and citizenry to acquire the materials which are not produced locally. There will thus be the required satisfaction on the side of American citizens, and enterprises which produce goods for exports are hence earning the country foreign exchange.

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