Writing Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-19
Writing Essay Example
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The importance of education essay

Initially, I thought English was a big deal that one could strain in life to get the best. Actually, to me, English was the third grade. However, I thought that English is one of the subjects that were very interesting. Each people had a chance to either learn English or not. I have an indifferent attitude from the simple few sentences formed from various words that I learned from junior high school. The words included apples, teachers, bananas, girls, boys that used to construct sentences for easy communication. However, there are two common tests in China ZHONGKAO and GAOKAO. I had met ZHONGKAO in junior high school during the English teaching an also examination. For me, English had been the hardest subject and perceived myself as being one of the student without any talent in languages. The harder I learned English the more I suffered from the same. English even led me to a lower score than other students.

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English was not an interesting course as I thought before though its status is equivalent as Chinese in China. During the preparation of any test, I would review English as being the obstacle to my success. I would even feel that the few days of test preparation were just like a full year. I would look at each English word as being the first time that I had come across it. However, the words seemed to know me while I was unable to know it all. It was obvious that my English grades used to owe the overall total score. I had to hold my belief that everything that happens in the world is a specific reason. Like for my English scores could not lead me to a better high school. Around me was lost of students who had achieved their high school dreams leaving me in agony. What could be found in me regretted that made me lower my self-esteem.

It was during the time of trying my level best to get my dream high school when I got the good news. There was an opportunity in the united states of American for those students who wanted to prepare for a university to study abroad in united states. This was an opportunity for me to critically utilize to the fullest. However, before the school, I was to undergo the internal language testing. I was the same magic in terms of English. My parents could not believe it and thought that I was out of my thinking capacity. They could not convenience me in any way and thus finally promised me that the moment I pass; they would permit me to study the international classes. After studying hard for one month, I was successful to enter into the international classes. Unfortunately, I thought that what I was up to was the bright future but it was memorable three years of experience rather than decadent.

In the class, GAOKAO was the test that exerted pressure to everyone one of us. It was just like any other test that the high school students would face. In the class, there is less pressure and thus teachers would not be in need of us at all times. In such an environment, the students do not study very hard and thus a lot of time is not needed. However, the problem comes during the learning English in the preparation of facing the only test knows as TOEFL. We were not quick to pass it since TOEFL is not a once chance and therefore we would try the test severally until we pass the TOEFL exam. At the moment we were in our third year, one of us got a good score got admission notice from the American university. I was anxious and started working hard to pass the text. However, English was the main obstacle and thus I could repeat it over and over without any fruits of success. Day and night I would practice making sure that I realize my language talent but all in all the results would be unpleasing.

All means I would use to ensure that I get the best but reality would be a fail. My efforts for TOEFL were far away from enough. I would also adjust the methods of learning and my mentality of English but the results reflected the real me. I was then surprised on how I can make it. I, therefore, began to ask my fellow students and teachers to help me get the most effective learning methods in order to pass TOEFL exams. I slowly thought that my English would improve but the scores confirmed my inability. This made me affirm that as long as the efforts will be harvested, nothing is impossible. This was the most memorable life experience and the memorable self-challenge. According to me, those things that are not able to be done because you don’t work hard.

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