What Is Man Flu Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-08
What Is Man Flu Essay Sample
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Does man flu really exist

Men are mostly known for their abuse of power in today's world. However, the recent researches have proved that the commonly mocked concept of \man flu\" really exists. Ironically it also confirmed that the men when compared to the females are the weaker sex. It is often claimed that the men who are suffering from the common disease are exaggerating the symptoms of the common illness they are experiencing. This claim is now scientifically proved as the studies have shown that the immune system of the women is stronger than the women. But really men are fragile as compared to women? It is a known fact the male population contribute to the majority of the smoking population in the world. Moreover the men are less likely to take protective measures against the common illnesses like cold and flu. At the same time pregnant women worldwide are more prone to the common diseases like cold and fever compared to the men. The women are more likely to develop aggressive reactions to common sicknesses compared to men especially in their reproductive cycles. But once the pregnancy days are over the women's immune system starts to fight the common diseases more efficiently compared to men.

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Whatever the case as being a man I am always accused of over-reacting to the common diseases. The common cold and the flu is quite prevalent in my city due to rapid industrialization and pollution. Whenever there is a slight chance of getting cold I am the first one in the family to get cold. My wife always claims that I am overreacting to this minor problem. But I know the life becomes a real burden for me during such times. No matter what I do I can't escape from my nose being watering all over the place and me clinging to my bed under a couple of blankets.

At sometimes I also agree with researchers that we men are more vulnerable to common sicknesses like flu. Being men we keep on denying the fact of feeling cold at the beginning of the winter claiming of being strong due to our sexual nature and when it happens we almost cry like babies. Truth to be told fighting cancer seems much more comfortable than fighting the flue in the winter. Well now I can claim in front of my wife that I have a weak immune system compared to her and I am not overreacting or begging for her care. However I believe that I am stronger at sex or in bed compared to my wife. However I will still want to be under the bed whenever there is cold outside and cry like a baby when experiencing the common sickness like flu. I wish to be strong during those time but what can I say? I am still a male with a weak immune system. Thanks to science to give us an extra argument against constant mocking. Science has always been a lifesaver for men and this new research has proved to one of those instances. "

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