Reflection Essay Sample on Abundance: The Future Is Brighter Than You Think

Published: 2022-03-01
Reflection Essay Sample on Abundance: The Future Is Brighter Than You Think
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A reflection on the future of the world brings about mixed emotions. There are those who feel there world is a better place and there is nothing to worry about. However, another group is entirely uncertain of the future, to this pessimistic team, the future stinks of the worst nightmare. Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler are an example of scholars who are optimists of the future as they have highly defended the future in their book Abundance. In the book Abundance, the world of today compared with that of yesterday, portray a significant difference in technology, health, and the reduced mortality rate. The world stands a better place for human survival despite the many negative pictures portrayed by the media. (Diamandis & Kotler, 2012). Man is a creative being, and despite the many common shortcomings, individuals continuously get more involved in trying to make use of their creativity to preserve the scarce resources. The growing world population is a threat to the unsustainable resources, and human survival depends solemnly on the ability to make the best out of the little resources available. People, therefore, continue to put great importance on any science and technology that is geared towards preserving the scarce resources for a better tomorrow.

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Human beings are creative, and the abundance of the future threatens human creativity. The world has scarce resources compared to the growing population. Science and technology are being enabled and strengthen in different ways to help solve the problem of resource scarcity. Today people feel that the world resources are well preserved, and everyday people become reluctant in creativity when the picture of an abundant future is presented. Let's pass a glimpse at the world education system today. Education is an indispensable tool that cannot be foregone as long people dreams of a better tomorrow remain (Diamandis & Kotler, 2012). The education system of today has been made theoretical and less practical. Students produced by the education system are half-baked and have minimal skills to offer. The job market today is more practical and many are not eligible for the jobs available. The unskilled and uncreative graduates are typical because they have been promised of a bright future, hindering their creativity. The reduced creativity in graduates turns them into consumers' than creators and inventors. In this world, every inch of creative input by any person is valued towards preserving resources and a better future. The reduced creativity poses a considerable threat to the coming generation and the future. It is, therefore, important for the world to be painted in abundant always, to rejuvenate the dying creative ways of the people a nightmare for the coming future.

Though the world has made this tremendous positive changes bettering living, it would be ignorant to turn a blind eye to the nightmare the discoveries are about to cause in the future. Soon, more incidences of unemployment will be prevalent as technology take control. At the onset of the Renaissance era, more people were employed, and more jobs kept emerging every day as industrialization increased. Following the discovery of technology, changes in employment statistics are reported. Every day people are losing jobs as more technology developments are registered. When unemployment strike, insecurity, poverty, and population are bound to be expressed. The abundant future according to Diamandis & Kotler (2012) is free from poverty, insecurity and poor health of which this seems impossible based on current reports and statistics. Therefore, as much as we celebrate the bright technology future some critical aspects of human's survival are threatened. The world is dreaded to turn chaotic as people every day increasingly become selfish to sustain themselves. It is a world where an individual is for him or herself and nobody cares about the other people as long as they are able to sustain themselves and their family. The growing unemployment is sure a challenge to the abundance of the future.

For human survival and a great future food security is paramount. The abundant future by peter dream of being in a position to sustain people in terms of food, water and good health (Diamandis & Kotler, 2012). The dream is impractical and seem impossible since the increased innovation have altered the world climate and changed weather pattern prevail. Regions that used to have abundant rainfall to support crop growth have reduced. Deforestation has increased and desertification has gained momentum. People today are opting for irrigation as the primary source of water to grow crops and as a result, less food is being produced every day. Water scarcity due to climate change has resulted to poor sanitation especially in the urban centers. The water supply in urban centers is unsustainable for consumption and other purposes. Poor sanitation put people's health at risk as diseases caused by poor sanitation strike. Land used for agriculture purposes has been used for industrial growth and urban expansion and less area to grow the crops is available in many parts of the world. As food production lower and the introduction of unhealthy foods chemically grown have become prevalent and human health is now threatened. Every day, health problem and chronic diseases are registered on increased and caused by the growing unhealthy agricultural habits which have been attributed to the human quest for a better future. The increased cases of climate change, land misuse, and unhealthy foods hinder abundance of the future. The problem needs to be addressed today by developing a sustainable plan that will ensure natural resources such as forest and land are preserved to prevent water and food scarcity in the future and also minimize disease risk for future generation.

Poor planning of today is the most significant problem that would cause the many projected failures of the future. As much as people rush to make innovations, it will be essential to carry out thorough research on the impacts any change will cause. People need to project likely failures and success of any project, technology, and economies. Functional analysis will help the developers plan on how to combat the adverse effects without exploiting people and the natural resources. The most important thing is to find balance.


Diamandis, P. H., & Kotler, S. (2012). Abundance: The future is better than you think. Simon and Schuster.

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