Nature and Nurture Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-26
Nature and Nurture Essay Sample
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Nature to nurture

Both nature and nurture have a direct impact on human behavior. This essay will first define the terms nurture and nature. The second part will entail a detailed description of how both factors influence an individual's behavior. The final section of this essay will give a personal stand point about the factors' effect on human behavior.

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Before going deep into the subject matter of this topic, let me first define nature and nurture respectively. Nature is all that surrounds an individual. This can be the in the place of work, at home, in the estate or any other place where an individual spends a significant fraction of his or her time. On the other hand, nurture is simply how an individual has been brought up by their parents, community, sponsor or guardian.

The environment in which we live influences us greatly. The influence can either be positive or negative. For instance, if an individual spends much of their time hanging around abusive persons, he or she will eventually become abusive too. He or she will gradually start abusing others, and with time, he or she will become an chronic or serial abuser.

On the other side, if an individual spends much of his or her time with positive people, he or she will become optimistic in life, contrary to the individual that spends time hanging around pessimists.

Nurture, also contributes to shaping human behavior. The key players in this are parents. For example, if a child grows up in a home that brews alcohol, the chances are high that the child will in future brew or take alcohol. He or she begins to think that taking alcohol is normal since that is what is present everyday. However, a child born and brought up by religious parents or in a strict children home will adopt positive values hence good morals.

Having discussed this topics in length, its possible for one to ask, which of these two factors is more influential? For sure, there is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on an individual's perspective. nevertheless, I think that nurture has more impact on human behavior than nature. This is because if an individual is brought up by morally upright parents and in a positive environment, chances are high that he or she will not change her or his behavior in future upon changing the environment. This is because after developing good morals and nurturing a conscious, one will always be haunted by his conscious when he or she tries to deviate from the norm. Also, Once you develop a certain behavior. it is not very easy for one to shed off all the habits and develop new ones. Therefore, nurture has more influence than nature. Therefore, my personal and final word is that strong than nature always and will always influence an individuals' behavior more.The final word and stand point is of this essayis that will give a personal stand point about the factors' effect on human behavior.

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