Medical School Diversity Essay Samples

Published: 2018-04-26
Medical School Diversity Essay Samples
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The idea of human influenza existence

Commonly, when men have a cold, they exaggerate and this and often claim that they have flu. Many scientists have raised claims that man flue is real, hypothesis that seems to attract attention from many quotas that the idea is quite illogical and cannot be proven scientifically. According to cavemen ancestors, men are believed to a weaker immune system as compared to their female counterparts which was an excuse used those days to stop men from going out to hunt the moments they fell ill.

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In conclusion, I support the idea that 'men flu' exists but the concept of referring to it as ' men flu' is unjust as women also suffer though men are more vulnerable due to their immune system which is weaker.

In the recent studies carried out to investigate the truth behind man flu, Dr Kyle Sue, a clinical assistant professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland proved the evidence that an adult man has high of influenza attack and that the rate of admission on hospitals tends to be higher compared to women of their age. The study further found that men have higher risk of acute respiratory diseases and that they also suffer more from viral respiratory diseases in their lifetime. The immune system of a man is generally weaker and as per such have the high affinity to attract the 'man flu' virus. According to Dr Sue, the male hormone testosterone have an adverse effect on male immune system compared to the female's estrogen that stimulate immune defense mechanism.

Another study carried out by Dr. Robert Shmerling pointed out that 'man flu' which he referred to as the 'wimpy man' syndrome is characterized by cold and chest pain caused coronary artery disease. In his study, he concluded that men were hospitalized more than women with flu during his six year period of study. The report also indicated that more death in men occurred than women caused by the influenza. Another report from popular UK magazine indicated that took longer to recover from this illness unlike women.

No research has been carried out to determine whether the term ‘man flu’ is appropriate. Being that a man is coughing, feeling cold, lying on couch and other symptoms associated with every respiratory illness affects man doesn’t justifies that it should be called man flu. In other studies, Professor Lampard claimed that man flu should not be sexist and the name pf this influenza should not be man flu despite the fact that men are more vulnerable than women. The virus, according to her study pose a greater danger to men than women but the suggestion that it should be called man flu is inaccurate and inappropriate.

In conclusion, I am buying the idea that this flu exists and men always have higher risk of its infection and that more deaths have been reported in men than women but the idea of referring to such influenza that affect both the sexes as men flu is not accurate and appropriate and therefore should not be used.

Medical research of flu

Debate about the existence of man flu has been in existence for quite a long period of time. Man flu refers to a cold that is prevalent to men who are though to exaggerate the symptoms. Therefore, I do not support the existence of man flue since it is a misconception in mankind.

According to BMI (2017), an investigation carried out to identify man flu claim found that there is no evidence to reveal its existence. In addition, man flu is regarded as an inaccurate and inappropriate term since no research carried out has proven its presence. Another research was carried out to compare the cold symptoms between men and women. The study revealed that men have more symptoms of cold compared to women. The symptoms can be so severe leading to hospital admission for the male counterparts. However, despite the differences in symptoms between male and female, there is no basis to conclude the existence of man flu.

However, there are various studies that have been carried out that reveal that man flu could be in existence. A study carried out in the year 2017 revealed that man flu may be an existing condition is based on a research carried out to determine the symptoms of acute respiratory disease in men and women. BMI (2017) found that males are more susceptible to acute respiratory disease compared to females. In addition, acute respiratory disease has caused more fatalities in men compared to women. Notably, evidence exist to reveal that more men compared to women suffer from viral respiratory diseases (BMI, 2017).

Males have a weaker immune system compared to men which is a substantial evidence to show the existence of man flu. The reason why the mortality in men is higher that that of women has been linked to the weaker immune system. The immune system plays a crucial role in human bodies since it firm unwanted foreign substances which cause diseases.

However, further research is required to confirm the existence of man flu since there are a lot of uncertainties that are related to the disease. Scientist should carry out studies to determine whether man is dependent on the immune system of the body since there exist little evidence to support the fact. Also, research would be imperative to determine whether the environmental conditions play a role in the higher mortality rate among men compared to women.

In conclusion, since there is no much evidence to reveal the existence of man flu, individuals cannot assume its existence. It would be imperative to carry out further studies to confirm the existence of the condition. In addition, the research would be vital in identifying factors that could be used to improve the immune system of men it is established that they actually have a weaker immune system compared to female. Notably research should be carried out by the relevant professional to identify the prevalence of the condition based on the age of the male counterparts.


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