Assessment of Online Sources for Academic Research - Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-21
Assessment of Online Sources for Academic Research - Essay Example
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There is constant growth in the amount of information that is available through online sources as well as the print sources as a result of the materials that continue to be published. It is worth noting that, numerous sources which could only be accessed as traditional print sources can now be available both in online and print. Some sources are only available in the form of print, and some can only be accessed online on the internet. Source of each kind provides distinct benefits which can assist one to get the information needed on a subject. However, not every platform offers authentic information for academic and professional research purpose. Regardless of the place that one acquires the sources, careful evaluation of each source is quite imperative using the right criteria.

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In an academic arena, the ability to critically and cautiously evaluate information from various sources is indispensable in order to guarantee quality research. Each material that is available ought to be assessed in a bid to define and determine its legitimacy as well as credibility to best support the subject of research. There are certain things to consider as part of the evaluation criteria. One of the considerations to make is the kind of author who published the material because in many occasions they determine the credibility of information. The other things that are essential include the authority of the printed items, the currency of the information and the purpose for which the information was published.

New York Times is one of the newspaper publishers in the United States of America, and some of their materials are available on the internet. The New York Times has an online platform which is a potential source educational information since it has been in existence for an extended period and the information published is carefully evaluated. For the publisher to maintain high reputation, the authors have to be approved thus the legitimacy of the information given is verified.

The article titled “Shakespeare’s Sonnets, All 154, Reimagined Through a New York Lens” is an example of the published materials in the newspaper. The article was authored by Stuart Miller back on April 5 of the year 2015 thus indicating the currency of the material. This is one of the indicators that the source has an element of credibility. The purpose or the article intended to educate individuals through the aspect of poetry particularly derived from Shakespear’s sonnets as indicated that he intended to bring Shakespearean works to people who may not have been in touch with the poems.

Shakespeare's poems can be accessed from other sources to verify whether the information contained in the article. This ability to verify some information helps in addressing the issues of credibility surrounding the item. The author supports his claims through quoting the exact words as written in the poems, for example, he says that “Weighs not the dust and injury of age” as derived from sonnet 108. As part of education through film, the author highlights some of the items that are to be performed from Shakespear’s manuscript. Owing to the comprehensiveness of the coverage, the publication, and the source satisfies the credibility threshold. This indicates that the online platform can be relied upon as a legitimate source of academic as well as professional research.

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Miller, Stuart. "Shakespeare’S Sonnets, All 154, Reimagined Through A New York Lens." Nytimes.Com, 2015,

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