My Handover of Corporate Recruitment Division - HRM Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-21
My Handover of Corporate Recruitment Division - HRM Essay Sample
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I am handing in a total of three departments: auditing, commercial and supply chain departments. These will include the regular positions in all the departments and the secondee replacement.

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In addition, please refer to corporate recruitment report attached in the email that I have sent.

Recruitment Status

Auditing Department

Currently, there are two vacant positions as illustrated below.

The Resumes of Scheduled Interviews \s

Site Logistics Department

There is one regular approved position under the packaging center as shown below.

Position code Department Position Title GC Status

40001718 Site logistic / packaging center Site logistic specialist 12 Approved/Vacant

Required Action: Please attend next Thursdays interviews in Jubail for the applicants attached below. (The Interviews are already scheduled. Inquire from Joseph about the interview timing and forms details).

Customer Services and Trade Compliance Department

There are two MC approved unfrozen positions. The positions are as illustrated below.

Position Code Department Position Title Status Remark

40010353 Optimization Improvement Specialist Vacant Please offer this position to Toufiq Chowdhury. However, before proceeding with this, confirm with Ed whether it is the right position for him. I have left his interview assessments on your disk, so you can ask Joseph to start collecting his documents.

40011216 Trade Compliance Trade Compliance Coordinator Vacant There is an open position on GC 8, and they are looking for someone to be hired on the exemption area duty. I have attached some CVs below, which might be a good fit for this position. (The screening of these CVs have not yet been performed).


Other Important Cases

There is an issue with the backfill of Ali Haydan. According to Mr Ed., the position has already been approved by the MC, although the staffing has not yet received it. I have already fowarded the matter to the POD Mohanned Mahrous, and he asked for some time to look over this case.

Secondee Replacement List

Up to date, I am responsible for the four positions filed for by the secondees. One of them already accepted the offer and the onboarding team is taking care of his pre-employment process. The second position is Eds case, which is mention below. The remaining two positions are still vacant. For more details on this, please refer to the secondee report.

For Eds Case, Below Are Additional Notes Regarding His Offer

He has only one concern pertaining the possibility of driving the companys car through the GCC. He asked that this should be mentioned in his contract. However, according to the AlShinqiti, to have this kind of approval, Ed can only obtain it from his direct manager after joining the company. As such, nothing can be mentioned in the contract in relation to such an approval.

In addition, please make a follow-up with Joseph, and see if his file is being completed. Below is a break-down in (SARs) of Eds proposed offer. Please extend it to him as soon as possible, and also mention to him that Shima lost the honor of this moment!

GC 15 / Regular In SARs

Monthly Basic 61,120

Housing Allowance 15,280

Transportation Allowance 2,000

Over Base 6,112

Total Monthly 84,512

Annual Salary = Monthly Salary X 12 Months 1,014,144

Sadara Ramadan 61,120

Annual benefit Supplements (17%) 124,685

Total Annual Compensation : 1,199,949

GC Range (%) 95%

Important Points

The weekly onboarding report should be shared with the proponents each Thursday. Use the same template that I shared last Thursday.

The weekly recruitment report should be shared with Abdulaziz Al-Essa each Sunday. My positions slides are updated: Just send them to him on Sunday Morning.

The weekly activity report should be shared with the boss, Abdulrahman Alshinqiti, each Sunday.

I am hoping you will get attached to these cases fast and easily. This is till you desire never to return my work back! Best of luck to you.

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