Definition of True Friendship, Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-09
Definition of True Friendship, Essay Samples
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How to make friends

Friendship is one of the crucial bonds that people share with others over time. Importantly friendship involves faith, trust, and commitment. It requires immense effort, and it is very helpful in the end. Most of the people who are successful around the world today have been friends for the longest time possible. This means friends know almost everything about be it secrets, personal life, what you like, and what you do not like. For instance, friendship with a classmate during school life is one of the most important, entertaining, and emotional part of life.

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During my campus life, I had a friend of mine who we were very close. We could do everything together be it an assignment, washing clothes, and even going out during the weekends. There came a time when I was away form school for the weekend, and it happened that the lecture that Friday gave out an assignment that was due the following week on Monday. I agreed with my friend that because I will not be available on the day of submitting the assignment that I will handle my task and forward it to him via mail. He agreed and by Sunday afternoon, I had completed the task and forwarded it to him. I even went ahead and phoned him, and he told me that he would download the assignment and present it to the teacher. To my amusement, upon attending the next class, the instructor said he did not receive my assignment. I felt let down by my friend I even had to repeat the unit again because the policy of the school was that no late assignments would be accepted.

Irresponsibility definition

Friends are supposed to be among the most reliable people in the world because friendship is based on trust. A friend should be a constant figure in one’s life dong the best they can to support their friend no matter the circumstances. I was let down by a friend and I will never forget the experience. It hurt a lot to find that the person I trusted most was not on my side. The friend was more of a fiend. I was running late for a job interview and had an upcoming delivery for a customer at the same time. I was late because I had to make another delivery on the same day. I run a small florist in my city. I made the flower arrangement and called one of my friends to pick up the bouquet and deliver it to the customer. All he had to do was follow the GPS in the delivery van and deliver the flowers. He was at home watching television and promised to take care of my issue. However, hours alter after finishing the interview; I found a dozen missed calls from a frantic customer whose event had started without the ordered floral arrangement. The customer was disappointed and demanded a refund. My friend had slept through the afternoon and forgot all about the delivery. It felt really bad being let down by a friend.

Friendship definition

Friendship is an essential aspect of one’s life. For example, friendship with a classmate can help in sharing some of the educational facts that can help us in life. The facts can be challenging, emotional, educating, or entertaining. However, I remember several instances that I felt let down by my friend, Jacob. Here is the story.

A new student joined our class during last summer. Based on her speech, he had to leave his previous college because of financial issues. The fee for my school is cheaper compared to the school where he was getting her education. She joined in the middle of the term, and this increased her reticent and nervous. He chooses to sit alone so that he can read all that we had covered, and this behavior worried not only students but also teachers.

One day during a tea break, I had to approach Jacob to know some of his likes and dislikes. I found that he was a fun of football. We stayed longer in the field discussing various educational experiences. We finally returned to class for evening preps. However, I remembered that I had left my mathematical book in the field. I found a mathematical teacher in class. Everyone was looking at me. The teacher was furious. When I turned my eyes to my friend, Jacob was on his bench looking outside, and this reminded me that he was avoiding me. The experience was shocking since my friend had let me down by not telling the teacher the true story.

Though my class mate let me down, I assumed the experience and forgot what happened. I forgave my friend, and we are still friends working as tutors in our previous school. I will still remember the experience of being let down, and I believe that revenge is not the best solution for any mistake.

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