The Action in Glaspell's Play Trifles. Free Essay Sample.

Published: 2020-06-10
The Action in Glaspell's Play Trifles. Free Essay Sample.
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The play is about the investigation of Wright, who had been murdered in his house. However; there seem to be two investigations taking place at the same time. The male investigators, Henry Peters and George Henderson did the official investigation into the murder of Wright. On the other hand, Mrs. Peters and Lewis Hale are involved in the unofficial business at the house that included checking the conditions of the room and the unhappy life Mrs. Wright was leading, (Wohlpart).

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The play unfolds in the kitchen of the farmhouse of the man that had been killed. The Sheriff and the attorney come into the house to conduct the cause of Mr. John Wright death. They are followed by two women that are considered the witness to the murder of the deceased. The investigators assumed their roles in the discovery of the assassination of John, and they also provide guidelines to their counterparts women to take up some roles in the house, Glaspell,

The play unfolds continuously with no interruption from the beginning to the end. Mr. Johns murder happened without interruption as Mrs. Hale reveals that when she went to visit the Wrights family she found that Mr. Wright had been changed that signified that he had been killed. The fact that the happenings in the play are not interrupted shows that the murderer killed his husband intentionally, and she has much time to complete her intentions. It also shows that she doesnt regret killing her husband as she tells Mrs. Hale that Wright cannot talk because she was dead. The county attorney and Sheriff conducted their investigation uninterrupted in all rooms including areas that were hidden upstairs. It shows that the detectives were following the law to exercise their duty in a crime scene so that they can gather evidence, (Mays, &Kelly, 986).

The Small room that is the kitchen of Mr. Wright family implies the hardship that was being experienced at the house. The kitchen is described as a gloomy place that is not in the orderly conditions. The work in the kitchen is incomplete as utensils are dirty in the sink and foods remains can be seen scattered all over. The deplorable state of the kitchen indicates that the family was unhappy, and it was going through tough moments. The miserable life revealed by the kitchen could be the reason that led to the demise of John Wright.

The two female characters are, Mrs. Peter and Lewis Hale. The two women act as the witness in the investigation of the murder. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peter decided to hide the evidence so that Mrs. Wright could be released due to insufficient evidence. The fact that they refused to share the evidence affected the investigation negatively as the real killer was not found. Consequently, their actions reveal that Mr. John Wright will never get justice because the perpetrator would be freed from custody, (Glaspell, 979).

Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale are more concerned with ensuring that Mrs. Wright feels comfortable in the jail. Instead of joining hands with the investigators, they are busy collecting and arranging household items to make it a better place for their friend. They also expressed sympathy for the unhappy life they considered Mrs. Wright was leading that was caused by her dead husband. The actions of the two women represent the theme of women shared responsibility in the society. Their actions suggest that women share the pains and losses to comfort each other in times of problems. The murderer of Mr. John Wright would be identified by the investigators if the two female characters were not present, (Mays, &Kelly, 981).

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