Education Essay Example: Continuing Academic Success

Published: 2019-06-05
Education Essay Example: Continuing Academic Success
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Academic success is the ability of an academician to meet the expectations of the examiner as well as making good progress towards the attainment of the objective of the study (Lange, 2015). In this regard, the student identifies the success goals that he wants to achieve and works hard towards those goals. In so doing, some students aims are not only to attain the degree but also for the preparation of specific careers. This paper will look at the ways of achieving continued academic success that are imperative for every learner.

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Career Goals and Objectives

According to Locke et al. (2013), people study for different reasons and with different goals and objectives. As such, these aims are the driving forces behind their study. These goals are either educational or career oriented. My career goal is strive and attain my degree so as to be employed in the best company in the world. In contrast, an educational goal is academic oriented; an individual may study hard to achieve a study good grade at the end of the semester or to attain a first class. Specifically, my educational goal is to get a first class in my degree.

The setting of goals is an important aspect of success. It will enable me to work hard with an aim of achieving my set objectives. Additionally, it will ensure that I am not distracted by anything else that does not lead to the set goals and objectives. In that way, I will be able to stay focus and only take paths that will lead me to my career and educational goals. Additionally, I will have a reason for hard work and determination (Locke et al., 2013).

The Writing Process

The writing process involves the putting of ideas from the mind into words on a piece of paper. This process is very important in the achievement of my educational as well as career goals. Specifically, the writing process will enable me to enumerate the set objectives and aims of a particular study. In so doing, I will create a blueprint which will remain in existence for the whole learning process. The importance of this blueprint is to ensure that I do not forget anything about the set goals and objectives.

The writing process eliminates any likelihood of veering off from my learning schedule and learning methods. Moreover, I will be able to take the goals one by one from the list of the objectives. In view of this, I will prioritize the goals from the most important to the least important goal. Additionally, I will note these goals alongside their ways of achieving them. This results in success due to proper arrangement of the goals through the writing process.

Ethical Lens Inventory

The ethical lens inventory is a composition of the factors and issues that are likely to influence ones choices (Litzky, 2012). In this regard, the inventory helps me make informed decisions that are based on my ethics and beliefs. My core values are hard work and sensibility. These values are very important in my journey to educational and career success. Specifically, they will shape my thinking and streamline my actions. As a result, my focus will always be aimed at the ultimate goal of success that I have set for myself.

My core values will additionally enable me to follow my passion that is the attainment of the highest standard in whatever challenge that I set for myself. Additionally, these values will guide my present actions that are very important in setting a good future. Therefore, the values will help me to work hard so as to achieve the highest grade in every unit as well as enable me to attain my utmost goal after school; to be employed in one of the most prestigious companies in the world.

Critical Thinking Skills

Cottrell (2011), views Critical thinking as a meta-cognitive skills that enable an individual to make decisions that have been critically examined by the mind. It is the behavior of analyzing ideas based on reason as opposed to rush. Actually, critical thinking does not involve one thinking so hard or thinking so much (Cottrell, 2011). However, it requires one to have an intellectual eagerness to better the current state of affairs. In so doing one is able to achieve success whether in education or in a career.

To be successful, I need to better my critical thinking skills. Specifically, there is a need for discipline in the actualization of my set goals. Most of the time, I tend to veer off the objectives that I have set for myself. However, with increased discipline, I will follow them to the latter. Additionally, I need to take a positive look at what I have achieved. In so doing I will be able to be motivated into achieving even greater success than I am having now. As a result, my educational and career achievements will be bettered.

Learning Resources

The University of Phoenix Online Resources will be important in my continuing academic success. These resources include books, journals, and articles among other learning materials. As such, more information will be available for my consumption. Apart from the usual books that are available in the library, the materials available online are important as they complement the rest of the library materials.

The use of those online materials is very beneficial for my success. This is primarily because they are available all the time. Whether I am on campus or not, I will be able to access the online materials online. Additionally, these materials are well summarized, unlike the other books that are so detailed and time-consuming to read. Outside sources are also important in complimenting and critiquing the materials available in the University. However, the outside sources are very narrow as they provide knee-jerk explanations to the subjects of the search.


The setting of career, as well as educational goals, is important for my continued academic success of a student. These goals will enable me to stay focused and avoid distractions. Additionally, these goals are better when they are enumerated through the writing process. In so doing, the goals are prioritized from the most to the least important. Afterward, a schedule is set on the methods and mechanisms that can be used to achieve those goals. These mechanisms require an improved critical thinking that is disciplined and result-oriented. In a nutshell, my continued academic success can be spurred by setting of goals, good use of the writing process, disciplined critical thinking and the use of the materials that are available at the University of Phoenix Online Resources Portal.


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