Essay Sample on the Vitality of Surfactant to the Infants

Published: 2018-03-07
Essay Sample on the Vitality of Surfactant to the Infants
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Surfactant gets construed as a blend of the surface that pertains to the active agent. In the video, it gets defined as a fluid that gets secreted by the alveoli cells which serve the role of ensuring surface tension reduction of the pulmonary fluids. It equally offers a contribution to the elastic properties of the pulmonary tissues thereby preventing the collapse of the alveoli. Equally important, good levels in newborn gets noted as vital in the video to improve the functionality of the lungs due to the increase in surfactant production.

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It also gets pointed out that a baby born by C- section stand chances of increasing the risk of having surfactant deficiency especially that of preterm. The validation for the issue gets founded on the underdevelopment of various organs in the body. The organs include the lungs that may lead to breathing problems. The other under- development gets noted in the alveoli cells thereby producing fewer fluids that may reduce the surface tension of the pulmonary fluid. The next discussion also gets based on the effect of insulin on the surfactant level. It gets noted that the presence of insulin reduces the surfactant level due to its inhibition of the accumulation of mRNA surfactant- associated protein which gets construed as A and B in the fetal lungs explants that get maintained in the Vitro. Insulin also gets depicted in the video as a vital hormone in the regulation fetal lung maturation.

The final discussion gets noted in the complications of not possessing a mature lung. The video indicates that lack of immature lungs gets likely to cause neonatal respiratory distress syndrome which makes it tough for the infants to breathe effectively. Another complication gets depicted on the under- development of the alveoli hence not allowing the proper exchange of gasses within the respiratory track. The video also provides a solution to giving steroids to premature babies to reduce the acquisition of various complications like the discussed.


The paper notes the vitality of surfactant to the infants in some ways as discussed in the paper. It gets pointed out that proper development of the lungs and other associated organs like the alveoli gets construed as the key determinant of surfactant level. Insulin gets mentioned in the video to reduce the subject level as discussed in the paper thereby leading to some complications.

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