Free Essay on Human Resource Management in a Company

Published: 2017-12-04
Free Essay on Human Resource Management in a Company
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3.0 Analysis

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The organization planning as implemented by the HRM on current modern standards has changed the way the different arms of a company would interact. It has ensured a smooth relationship which has seen a faster flow of information between the different arms of the arms in question. The organizational planning has also ensured that the modern companies are growing at a faster rate (Fowinkel 2014). This has continued to importance of the HRM within a given company. However, it is important to identify that the different ways in which the planning of an organization can be changed which will improve performance. This would help in reducing monotony among and thus increase performance.

The staff acquisition process is one of the roles played by the HRM. However, for the HRM to implement this process it would have to determine the required employees by the different arms of the company. Therefore, it is important to identify the best ways of negotiating with the different arms of the company with an aim of obtaining this information. This will play an important role in ensuring that the company continues to achieve the desired organizational goals (Kramar & Syed 2012). The process of staff acquisition is crucial to the organization of a company as the employees are the individuals who will ensure that the company continues to perform as expected. Without the right employees, it becomes difficult for the company to achieve the goals identified.

Team development is also an essential factor in ensuring that the company in question continues to be organized. The development of a team requires the guidance of the individual teams through the different stages that are associated with the growth of teams. Therefore, the HRM will be actively working with the teams with the aim of identifying any changes it can implement to the teams. This may include restructuring and reorganizing the teams with the aim of ensuring that the teams realize their best results. However, it is important for those working with the HRM to identify that the over interference with teams during their development stages may interfere with their effectiveness.

Team management is also essential in the realization of the proper organization of a company. It is important for the company in question to involve the HRM in the process of team management as it ensures that the company in question will have the first hand information with regards to the changes that may be required in the teams (Stone 2013). However, as mentioned earlier, it would be detrimental if the constituent teams negatively involved themselves in the implementation of the goals and objectives of the individual teams.

4.0 Recommendation

One of the major recommendations is that companies that wish to see growth in their ranks should provide the HRM with easier access to the different department within the company. As it has been pointed out, the HRM is extremely influential with regards to the organization of a company. However, for this to be realized it is important for the HRM to have the cooperation of other arms of the company. Having such a company culture will improve the level of organization and therefore increase the value of services offered or products associated by the company. It would also be important for the company to identify the ways in which to limit the HRM interference with the performance of the different teams within the company. This becomes necessary whenever the HRM is involved in the team development process (Noe 2013). Without measuring the interference of the HRM to the team, there stands a chance that the effects of the involvement of the HRM would be to destroy the morale of the team members. His would break down the organization of the company thus beating the purpose of involving the HRM in the first place. It would also be recommended that the HRM have a regular measurement of the effectiveness of its involvement in the effectiveness of the company. The lack of a means of measuring the effectiveness of the HRM in the development of the effectiveness of the company may result in the deterioration of the company in question.

5.0 Conclusion

The HRM is clearly an important element in the functioning of a company. This can be attributed to the fact that the HRM is involved in the provision of different services that are truly important to the company. The integration of the different arms of the company in the function of the HRM will play a vital role in ensuring that the company continues to achieve its chief goals and aims. However, as it has been repeatedly pointed out, there are certain extremities that need to be avoided such as over involvement in the team development process by the HRM. Other than that, it would suffice to state that the involvement of the HRM in the organizational planning, staff acquisition, team development, and team management help in showing its importance in any given company.

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