Tracking Emails Essay Sample

Published: 2018-11-12
Tracking Emails Essay Sample
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Email Security

Email has fast gained popularity around the world, and many people prefer it as their main means of communication. Millions of people send email messages around the world on a daily basis. Similar to any other form of communication, criminals are misusing email for their unethical activities basically because of the speed, ease of use and the relative anonymity of the emails.

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Many people use the email for communication purposes without taking the required steps in ensuring that their online privacy or security (Spirin, 2014). I came across an online security providing agent called proofpoint. Proofpoint Email Protection halts malware and non-malware risks. Such threats include impostor emails also called business email compromise (BEC). The operation can be installed on the client's premises or as a cloud service. It provides granular filtering which is significantly important not only in controlling graymail but also any other unwanted emails. One of its most important capabilities is ensuring the continuous flow of communication through email even when the email server fails to operate.

Features and Benefits

The operation of the Proofpoint involves detecting and classifying impostor emails by (DMARC) which is a combination of authentications, dynamic classifications and pre-defined regulations. They use a modern type of technology which analyzes the sender's reputation to provide accurate and timely protection without any overhead administration. They also investigate the matters concerning the relationship between the sender and recipient, the status maintained by the domain server, the email headers plus envelope attributes and finally the email content for enhanced security purposes

By use of this service or others of the kind, the email user is not only able to ensure personal safety but also online privacy. Most of the emails sent from corporations contain critical information whose privacy should be maintained (Spirin, 2014).

Some unethical internet users pry on such data with intent of distorting operations at the businesses or worse still stealing from them. Therefore, it is advisable for all email users to ensure that their privacy and security is maintained at all times.


Spirin, V. (2014). Improving Email Safety and Management. Computer Fraud & Security, 2014(4), 17-19.

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