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The primary purpose of an Al-anon meeting is to help the families and friends of people who have a drinking problem. Just like other meetings, this meeting has a standard format, and the only thing that changes from one Al-anon meeting to another is the topic of discussion. This session lasts for one hour, and it starts at the same time as the previous one, and the next meeting will also start at the same time. Another thing that comes as a surprise is that the meeting does not have anyone in charge, but anyone can volunteer to lead that session. 

When it is time to start, the meeting is started with a serenity prayer. After the prayer, a welcome message is read by the leader. In this message, the members are welcomed and given hope that they will find the help and the kind of friendship, they are looking for if they try the program and become consistent. After this, the chairperson reads the preamble. The preamble explains what Al-Anon is all about. It is also in the preamble where the primary goal of Al-Anon groups is stated. 

After the preamble, all people in attendance introduce themselves with their first names only. The next, though not done in all meetings, is to go through the twelve steps, the twelve traditions, and the twelve concepts. The attendants are usually encouraged to be patient with their selves and to take one step at a time and be consistent in attending the meetings. 

A topic of discussion is then suggested by the chairperson or by anyone else in the meeting. However, all topics must relate to the primary purpose of an Al-Anon meeting. People in attendance are then given chances to contribute to the story one at a time. If someone is given an opportunity to share but don’t want to, he or she just say his or her name and that they would like to listen. When the meeting time elapses, the closing remarks are read and then the meeting is closed with a prayer usually the Lord’s Prayer. 


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