Essay Example with Summary of Next-Generations Firewalls for Dummies

Published: 2018-08-16
Essay Example with Summary of Next-Generations Firewalls for Dummies
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Summary of Next-Generations Firewalls for Dummies by Lawrence Miller

The book is pivotal on the use of firewalls in the case that a user wants to protect their systems. Network security is the key issue of discussion given the case that Miller is more concerned with the modernized internet based threats which challenge the functionality of corporate network systems. In the introductory chapters of the book, the author gives his audience information on the ground work to security threats and applications that would counter such issues. The parting shots from Lawrence is that there are more beneficial firewalls within the modernized computer systems that would help protect systems. Lastly he talks of ways through which one can evaluate the next generation firewalls to enhance their usability with ease.

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Summary of Next-Generations Firewalls for Dummies by David Stuart & Kevin Beaver

The book is significant on enhancing the usability of the next-generation IPS also abbreviated as the NGIPS. The two authors are instrumental in the work given the case that they communicate to their audience about the possibility of improving network security with various organizations. Thus, the introductory paragraphs of the book are pivotal on explaining the term Next-Generation IPS. Prevention systems are a key fact of discussion in the introduction parts. Next, the book uses illustrations that support the direction about the terminologies used. Additionally, Stuart & Kevin Beaver talk about the importance of acquiring knowledge on system protection while issuing the basic procedures towards understanding the key concepts such as centralized detection and the policy management approaches towards dealing with system based threats. Lastly, the book addresses the effective prevention systems that would be used in a organization.

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