Essay Sample about Studying Popular Culture

Published: 2018-12-03
Essay Sample about Studying Popular Culture
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Contemporary literature

Often at times, people are inclined to believe or follow a certain way of doing things because it is what many people feel is the way to go. It is evident that high profile or high influential people fuel popular culture. Since the work of such individuals is appealing to most people, it is even easier for influenced behavior to turn into popular culture. In turn, popular culture becomes evident in every constituent of life. Examples of popular culture include dressing in the workplace, drug use among adolescents, fitness, and dieting, etc. This paper seeks to establish why the subject of popular culture is difficult to define.

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According to contemporary literature, popular culture can be defined as what many perceive to be the most prevalent norm or behavior at a given time (Storey, 2015, p. 14). Still, there are issues encountered when trying to define popular culture. For example, studies show that popular culture is evident especially among groups of people who share similar day-to-day objectives. Such groups are likely to associate with a popular culture because they can relate to it personally at that time. Nevertheless, studying popular culture also requires behavioral studies because when people move out of a certain stage in life, they are likely to leave a particular culture they regarded as popular behind. At the same time, popular culture can itself become less significant with time when people become less interested. Even so, the norm that builds the culture might not appeal to other groups elsewhere. Hence, popular culture can be said to vary with time and location (De Groot, 2016, p. 67).

As seen above, it is easy to understand the concept of popular culture but difficult to create a precise definition. The Society also has many cultural norms that are yet to be studied. Hence, covering the subject of popular culture might be quite an extensive and even endless task..


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