Essay Sample on Social Work Competencies

Published: 2018-12-10
Essay Sample on Social Work Competencies
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Engaging diversity and difference in practice

In social work, competencies are expected when someone is dealing with clients to promote professionalism in the working environment. In light to this, the paper focuses on two criteria that define competence in social work.

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While interacting with clients, it is vital to consider other factors such as economic, social and political that surrounds the client. Additionally, it is essential to look at interacting factors that are associated with race gender and sexual orientation. Let say there is an issue whereby there are fear among policy makers who want to identify low and high productivity population. One had to know the community that has experienced adversaries in their entire life owning to their situations. Consequently, it is vital for a sociologist to understand the circumstances that shape individuals life before making any decision.

Application of Social Work Ethical Principles to Guide Professional Practice

It essential for someone to understand the ethical dilemmas that are present in our workplaces and learn how to deal with them without affecting the client. A social worker requires tolerating ambiguity while solving arising ethical dilemmas so as to acknowledge negative emotion and frequently apply moral reasoning to reach the principle decision that one needs making.

For instance, decision-making principles and framework need to be used when a social worker is making an ethical decision. Any policy implementation, especially those revolving around children, requires sociologist to come up with another model to enable them to understand the children need before provision of service. However, depending on where most of these kids come from, a social worker might experience some challenges for the same.

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