Free Essay Containing Self Awareness Exercises for Groups

Published: 2018-04-02
Free Essay Containing Self Awareness Exercises for Groups
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Self-awareness activities for students

I am a member of a group of employees working in a bank. We are divided into sales group, obliged with the responsibility of seeking clients to bank with us; our major market targets are manufacturing and processing companies.

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What process losses are experienced in this group? Why?

The process loss experienced: some members failed to meet their sales target. Reason: Some members failed to apply the effective means that will promote their sales, as compared to the rest who surpassed their daily target, this made the group not to meet their aggregate target. Reason: it was due to social lofting together with poor motivation and coordination in the group led to the group’s failure in achieving their long-term goal.

What process gains are experienced in this group? Why?

The process gain experienced in the group was for the group members becoming creative and capable of taking risks, through research on the emerging companies which have not settled on the bank to keep their money, as well as attending to the regional companies that have better deals. Reason: Process gain was applied in the group so as to eliminate the process loss that averted the group from attaining its achievements. Therefore, the group would increase the potential performance through motivation and coordination of the group members.

Self-awareness activities for college students

Does the actual performance of this group equal its potential performance? Why or why not?

Yes, because the management was able to eradicate the process loss and promoting process gain by enhancing the motivation and coordination issues. Therefore, reducing the gap between the actual and potential performance.

How might this group raise its potential performance?

Potential performance can be enhanced by offering more training to the members of how they will be able to efficiently convince the client on the reasons why our bank is the best one to be banking with as compared to our competitors. Additionally, the management needs to provide the group members with free airtime that they could use to call their clients in case the attention of the client is needed or while convincing them to join the bank. Also, working in a group make members interact and learn more skills from the other.

Is social loafing a problem in this group? Why or why not?

No. The group members would like to avoid sucker effect: Individual group members did not put less effort in their sales as compared when working as a group. After introducing process gain, each member has their targets to meet at the end of everyone, and it will be compared to the rest of the group members, and those who will perform poorly might be sucked.

Self-awareness group activities

How would you characterize the primary tasks performed by this group regarding Thompson's model of task interdependence?

Based on Thompson's model of task interdependence, the characteristics carried out by this group include. Moving from one company to another while seeking clients, and meeting hostile people who have no interest what sells persons are selling.

Is this a cohesive group? Why or why not?

Yes, it is a cohesive group since there is an active flow of communication among the members, and they also influence each other behaviours.

Does cohesiveness help or hinder the group’s performance?

Cohesive might promote the team performance if it is not rated as "a very high level of cohesiveness.” Cohesiveness allows communication increases the competition between the group and the other.

Are group goals aligned with any larger organizational goals?

Yes, they align with those of a large organization, due to the competition in the banking world, there was need of setting up the strategy that will maximize productivity so as to meet the organizational goals.

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