Scholarship Cover Letter Sample in Our Free Essay

Published: 2018-04-11
Scholarship Cover Letter Sample in Our Free Essay
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Cover letter for scholarship application sample


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Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms,

Re: The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme

I am an elementary medicine student at Debrecen University. With this letter, I hereby wish to state my interest and strong determination for joining the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme.

My lifetime goal is to become a global doctor and significantly contribute towards helping the refugees, here in Hungary. With my rich background in sciences and mathematics, I strongly feel that joining your program will be of great relevance to both my medical career and my personal development. At the age of ten, one of my greatest achievements was participating in a Novel prize winning experiment for high school teen students. Upon joining high school, my great passion for science and mathematics saw me being selected to the highest level of the Mathematics and Science class due to a high score in a test that is taken by many students in Japan. Nevertheless, in the course of my high school studies, I began developing this great passion towards pursuing a career in the medical field, thanks to my strong desire to become a global doctor. For this reason, I became keen to learn more about medicine and a couple of years later, I enrolled into pre-medical school where I am currently studying basic medicine. I also hope to join medical school here in Hungary, after completing my basic medicine course.

Throughout my life, I have always actively engaged myself in volunteering, so as to gain experience as well as to give my personal contribution to the society. Growing up, I have also been an active member of the boy’s scouts whose experience has substantially fostered a desire in me to become a doctor and take part in the Medicine Sans Frontieres (MSF). However, in my pursuit of this goal, I realized that for me to become a member of MSF, I needed to study Medical English. As a result, I decided to enroll into an overseas school, where I would perfect my Medical English skills. Just around this time, due to the mass displacement of refugees, Hungary closed its doors and many refugees were barred from entering the country at the border.

Every day as I watch the news, and the issue on the suffering of the refugees at the Hungarian borders is brought up, I cannot help but think of the many ways I would improvise so as to provide medical assistance to the poor refugees. The many misgivings experienced by refugees made me develop this strong desire to study here in Hungary since I am confident that I will be in a position to provide medical assistance to many of the refugees at the border.

Cover letter sample for scholarship application

Critical emergency practice, is, however, my preferred department of practice, since I would really love to help many children and women at the border. For this reason, I fancy working as an MSF critical emergency doctor. Additionally, while in the course of my elementary medicine studies, I have gained the understanding that as a critical emergency doctor dealing with both women and children, I will need to study both gynecology and obstetrics. These professions will primarily help me pursue my goal to not only provide medical assistance to them but also to save the lives of the vulnerable children.

In the same vein, I am adept and very well conversant with the IT field, something which I consider a significant advantage in the realm of my medical career. My passion for technology began at a very young age, and while in junior high school, I assembled a computer from scratch and this laid the foundation for this passion. Thus, with my adept computer and information technology skills combined with my medical profession, I am determined to explore vast areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) so as to develop remote control cure systems which I believe are urgently needed to help the majority of the refugees at the borders. In the context of technological inventions, I envision creating smart mobile communicating devices such as wearable watches, which can be used by sick refugee patients to communicate with remote doctors and nurses, whenever needed. This being said, I hope that through my medical profession, I will significantly contribute to protecting both the medical and human rights of the people in need.

Besides, as I am seriously considering dedicating my medical profession to helping the large refugee population at the country’s boarder, I have decided to take part in the MSF explanation meeting which has considerably helped me develop a solid desire to study the state-of-the-art system, together with front-line therapy. This, I am certain, has equipped me with the knowledge and information necessary for me to help the poor and struggling people.

Finally, I am overly determined to make the most out of the scholarship benefits. I am ready and willing to devote myself and optimize every experience offered to me in the program. I am also confident that enrolling in your program would not only empower my career development but would also provide me with a framework to utilize my full potential. This being the case, I would sincerely appreciate if chosen to enroll in your scholarship program since this would bring me a step closer to achieving my goals.

Yours truly,



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