Free Essay on Project Management Research

Published: 2018-12-11
Free Essay on Project Management Research
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Since the dawn of project management, project managers have been plagued by scope creep or feature creep. Feature creep in this regard can be defined as the state of a project when the features of the projects constantly change as the project advances. It arises naturally due to unforeseen requests from the client for changes and additions that are outside the project's scope. Scope creep if not properly managed and controlled can present itself, alter and even destroy an entire project. As such, managers need to employ various techniques to manage the scope and control changes to the project.One of the major strategies of managing feature creep is to accept that it is inevitable. This strategy does not sound like a management strategy, but by accepting that the customer will at some point in the course of a project, ask for additions and alterations to the project, the project manager can be prepared and be in a better position to anticipate unforeseen changes in the project. Consequently, it enables the project manager to be more adaptable thus able to develop and promote malleable and flexible solutions to the client's ever-changing needs. Additionally, in order to control scope and manage changes in a project, it is paramount to have a thorough understanding of the project's vision and objectives. As such, adequate time should be dedicated to the planning phase to gather all the project's requirements so as to better understand the project's deliverables and their functionality. However, with the majority of strategies in place to avoid any changes prior to the commencement of the project, during the project, as stated earlier, changes are inevitable. As a result, there should be a defined process for changing scope. It should clearly define how any alterations to the scope will be accomplished and the exact number of people responsible for these changes. Furthermore, it is crucial that the people responsible for granting and implementing the changes should be limited.

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