Police Technology Essay Example

Published: 2018-05-29
Police Technology Essay Example
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Introduction to Police Technology

IT-based reforms in the police department aim at improving the storage of data and verification of identities. However, there are debates as to whether the bail software to set bail arrangements upon request leads to a fairer process. To a large extent, police information systems facilitate better decision making, as they provide complete and accurate information. Notably, gathering and processing information is a critical part of law enforcement agencies (Russell 33). Technological advances in the sector indicate that agents are able to gather and store an increasingly range of information from visual, audio, audiovisual, and statistical formats. Although there are problems associated with the bail software such as errors involving recalled arrest warrants, failure to detect errors, and complexity of the system, it can play an effective role in easing the process as the algorithms may aid in determining bails, validating bail seekers and guarantors, checking the authenticity of the surety bails, and improving police surveillance.

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The bail software is a good initiative, especially if it helps the police to check the criminal records for bail seekers and guarantors. For instance, the fingerprints system and the profiling system play an important role in assessing criminal records. Moreover, the system presents a unique opportunity for the department to apply technology based interventions (Carter, Jeremy, and Eric Grommon 8). The program helps in checking the authenticity of the surety bonds issued by the guarantors. Currently, the courts rely on the investigations officers to obtain information concerning the suspects who are seeking bails. In addition, it enables them to examine the persons appearing as the main guarantors in the case.

Notably, the digitization of the records is a step towards the implementation of a comprehensive profiling system. Due to the fact that manual information is replaced by digital biometric data, there is a great potential that the courts will have a harmonized system. In particular, the profiling system combines items such as fingerprints, national identity card, license information, tenancy information, urban property, and telephone calls. As a result, it improves the capability of the police department to conduct surveillance (Carter, Jeremy, and Eric Grommon 12). Apart from promoting better surveillance activities, the bail software can be used to detect habitual criminal activities by a suspect by matching the fingerprints obtained from the crime scene in the database.

Prevention of Illegal Detentions

What is more, the system would help prevent illegal detentions and torture of innocent citizens. Additionally, the system would lead to a fairer process regarding bails as it is not biased. Thus, bail statistics databases assist in making legal decisions because they provide relevant information concerning the case. Certainly, the software operates under a more sophisticated system than a normal computerized library. In more general terms, the software ensures that a particular statistical pattern is followed when setting a bail price (Mason 23)

The bail bond software allows the sharing of information on bond history, wanted fugitives, on active bond, and any other personal information. The data fields containing information on the defendant are duplicated in the other bail bond forms located in other systems. Therefore, it reduces errors, saves time, and improves efficiency. As a result, information concerning agents is accessed on real time basis. Notably, the software operates as a private entity aspect of the National Crime Information Center database for bail recovery agents (Russell 38). The most important aspect of the program is that it ensures that data is secure and encrypted and stored in redundant servers and other remote locations. The information from a defendant is automatically saved into the system once he/she submits the details.

The interesting aspect about the software regards its ability to indicate the number of times an individual has been on bond and the total fines due to the failure to attend a court session. Therefore, the police are able to determine the best course of action as well as the judges. For individuals who are wanted fugitives, they system reflects that they are on forfeiture status with another bail bond organization. Sometimes the software may notify the police officer that the suspect is in custody in a detention facility and that all bond listing companies can give information about his/her status. Certainly, the setting of the bail is made easy as the most accurate figure can be determined by the judge and the police man.

Effective Tool for Setting Bails

The software eases the process and leads to a fairer decision because the electronic digital signature system allows the defendants and the agents, indemnities, and Notary Public to sign the non-editable secure document. Moreover, an electronic and financing system allows the involved parties to access receipts and outstanding invoices at the required time. Furthermore, the forfeiture notices such as the court documents can be scanned or photographed and stored in the database for future use. Currently, organizations are creating bail enforcement software that will facilitate the transfer of files and information to different departments at a fast rate(Mason 25).

In the event that a judge recalls or issues an arrest warrant or in case a defendant posts a bail, it is reflected in the software; thus, improves the ability of the police officers to make a decision on whether to arrest, detain, or release. However, various complaints regarding wrong arrests due to software malfunctions. For instance, in California County, the new computerized case management approach poses threats to the criminal justice system. The Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey Case Manager has promoted the public defender’s office to implement measures to mitigate wrongful arrests. As a result, the Alameda County has proposed the need to avoid the use of the Odyssey Software to manage civil, family, and probate cases.

Although the software is an effective tool for setting bails, law enforcement agencies cannot entirely rely on it because it is prone to errors. For instance, an increase in the size of the data set increases the chances of committing a statistical error. Also, human biases may occur in the process of interpreting data, especially if the individual decides to eliminate the statistical outliers (Carter, Jeremy, and Eric Grommon 15). As a result, the quality of the bail information concerning two different persons can be interpreted differently due to the variability of data in the lower sets. Even in cases where the police or the judge use well-structured cleaning techniques, the similarities in the names or characteristics of the individuals may cause a statistical error.


Conclusively, it appears that the application of bail software leads to a fairer process. First, it aids law enforcing agencies to check the criminal records for guarantors and bail seekers. Second, it helps in examining the surety of the bonds issued by the defendants. Third, police surveillance is improved as the records are obtained on real-time basis. Fourth, information sharing about bond seekers, wanted fugitives, and other parties is classified under the sophisticated system leading to a fair process. Apart from the fact that it is prone to errors, it is an effective tool for bailing.

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