Music Concert Report Essay Example

Published: 2018-08-22
Music Concert Report Essay Example
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Music Concert Report Essay Introduction

On October 8, 2016, Sia Furler commonly known as Sia, stunned the Nostalgic for the Present Tour. The concert took place at the famous Hollywood Bowl where the celebrated singer-songwriter rocked the stage. The event started at 7:00 pm and lasted for roughly an hour and thirty minutes. Sia’s Nostalgic for the Present Tour, is a first arena tour where she goes to different venues in America and Canada until November 6. The concert tour is associated with her latest album released in in April 2016, “This is Acting” ( The five time Grammy nominee thrilled the audience with a magnificent theatrical performance with the help of other artists including Los Angeles’ crooner Miguel and the electronic music duo AlunaGeorge. The event commenced by opening acts from the Miguel who did not disappoint in his hour long set. Miguel performed his favorite songs including Coffee, Sure Thing, Sweet California and Simple Thing. After Miguel’s performance, the stage was opened for Sia’s stunning performance where she performed her all time musicals. The concert’s set list consisted most of her songs from the previous albums ‘This is Acting’ and ‘1000 forms to Fear’. Additionally, she performed a spectacular acoustic version of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ and Rihanna’s ‘Diamond’. Her performance of the two songs demonstrated the originality of the songs and one could easily notice that she wrote the songs. She later did her old hit songs including Soon We'll Be Found, Some People Have Real Problems, Breathe Me and Colour the Small One The old hits brought the her old-school fans to life and as the crowd sang along.

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Throughout the performance, Sia concentrated on the corners of the stage. She was mostly on the left corner as the rest of the performers occupied the central part of the stage. The props were positioned on a white square in the middle of the stage. Interestingly, the spotlight only focused on the troupe of dancer while she was occasionally seen by the audience at the sides of the stage. She was not even seen on the actual spotlight by the crowd. The singer-songwriter came out in her autograph black and blonde wig and her bold red lips could be seen behind the microphone. The black and blonde wig covered almost a half of her face which could be seen in the artistically alternated disco lights.

As Sia showcased her powerful vocals in the melody, every fan was moved by the dynamism of the performance. Outstandingly, there were two big screens on each side of the performance stage where the audience could see pre-recorded films of each song happening on stage. Every song she played was in line with the dancers movements both on stage and on the screen. Maddie Ziegler, who was seen as the master of choreography in the concert mesmerized the crowd and it was difficult to differentiate between the actual performance and the pre-recorded films. The cinematography used in the films added life to the event as given the stunning visual effects. The onscreen films featured various guest artists including Kristen Wiig and Paul Dano but the dancers on the stage were in sync that one would question if the two were present at the concert. Each dance move was choreographed to present the stories in each song.

Being that Sia was out of the spotlight, the dancers, led by Ziegler at the front, seemed to demonstrate all the words in the songs. In comparison to other pop artists, Sia was out of the spotlight so as to give the audience a chance of seeing how real was the pre-recorded films. However, being out of the spotlight made it easy to forget that Sia was performing live as most of the people were captivated by the actions on the central part of the stage.

The concert proved that Sia was not only a talented song-writer, but also a great vocalist. The concert was filled with a powerful voice blended with electrical music. The thought-provoking theatrical performance proved that the singer-songwriter had advanced from her previous performances on stage. Previously, Sia only performed her music on the stages which were less choreographed ( In her musical career, she was famously known for creating complex songs with little concentration on choreographed dances ( She even stopped going concert tours to concentrate on writing songs for other known artists. The concert showed the renewed power of Sia’s career when she showcased an intensified choreographed performance.

Even though she incorporated advanced musical techniques while performing her old school songs she maintained the originality of music composition. The concert portrayed a typical Pop Music since the performance borrowed elements other musical styles such as dance, urban and rock. Sia’s musical pieces were medium-length songs with verse-chorus structures with repeated hooks and melodic tunes. The spectacular performance of each song from Sia’s albums showed that the progression in pop music with the electrical instruments. Therefore, the Nostalgic for the Present Tour demonstrated almost all element of pop genre.


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