Essay Example on the Hospitality Service Experiences at Seralago Hotel

Published: 2020-04-13
Essay Example on the Hospitality Service Experiences at Seralago Hotel
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Seralago Hotel & Suites provides family resort services. It is located near Old Town, three miles from the Walt Disney World Resort, in Kissimmee, Florida, United States. The hotel has 615 rooms ranging from deluxe standards rooms, standard king rooms, standard poolside and kids suites rooms to cater for the needs of everyone. Each room has a microwave oven unit, high-speed Wi-Fi, refrigerator and free television services with cable channels. The best part of visiting this hotel is the availability of quality and service evaluation programs. These programs enable the guests to provide the information through secret shopper customer tools about the services they receive and their satisfaction feedback.

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Having visited Seralago Hotel & Suites several times, the researcher has experienced the best moments with the hospitality staffs. Upon arrival at the hotel's entrance, the guest is given a warm welcome by the receptionists with no dead fish handshake welcome our dear esteemed client. The guests feel appreciated, but it is just the beginning. Once done, the receptionists hand over the guests to a guide from porter services. The guide takes the guests luggage guiding them towards their booked rooms. The porter services guide usually helps the guests to open and close automobile doors while showing them some of the most significant locations within the fraternity such as swimming pools in a friendly manner. On their arrival at the booked rooms, the guide hands over the guests to a housekeeper who takes them around the rooms explaining every point, gadgets and appliances after a warm welcome. The clients are guided on how and where to connect the devices, the Wi-Fi passwords and how tune on the television within the rooms. The guests at Seralago Hotel are also guided on in-house communication in case they need assistance after the housekeeper has left. Kudos to Seralago & Suites hospitality staff. Their services are worth a five-star rating.

Due to the high-quality services offered by the staff at Seralago & Suites hotel, sometimes the hotel receives more than enough guests to a point that the hospitality team is outnumbered. A customer who finds Seralago & Suites hotel in this situation faces their worst part of the service. Even after booking of the rooms, sometimes the guest realizes that their rooms are allocated to another guest with reasons that the guests did not report when they had promised. Such an experience gives the guests a negative attitude from the beginning towards the hotel. At such times, the visitors are required to carry their luggage, and they are only directed to the location of their rooms. Its an awful experience because sometimes the guest ends up paying extra costs so that they can be allowed porter services. The service usually goes for $5 per person. There is no much attention given to a particular guest because the guests are usually more than the staff available. In most cases, guests are dissatisfied with the services provided during peak the hotels peak season.

A negative experience at Seralago & Suites was due to an excessive flow of customers that outnumbered the hospitality service team. The team is left with no option than to offer the little most possible assistance they can to each guest so that they can assist as many customers as they can. Due to serving many guests than their capability, they are usually exhausted and their services at such a time are of sub-standard quality.

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