Metrics of Assessing Success - Free Essay in Management

Published: 2018-06-07
Metrics of Assessing Success - Free Essay in Management
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Essay About Success Introduction

We can use very many theories or techniques to solve problems that arise as a result of complications in retail logistics or distribution. The company happens to be facing challenges brought about by operating from multiple centers of distribution. Ultimately, the problem has to result from the amount of product produced and shipped. Depending on the factors of retail logistics, the issue to be tackled will encompass some goods generated by the method and quantity of the goods ferried to the required destinations. In this case, the products are manufactured in the East Coast facility and distributed center westwards. Even though the product will finally arrive at its destination, there is the sense of accountability and urgency that is lost between the seller and the client, via the distributor. The advantage tied to having many distribution centers, on the contrary, is the fact that the business will be able to reduce transport cost. The customers will eventually be happy because they won't have to wait as goods get ferried from a central point of distribution. A significant amount will also reduce the cost of transportation to the centers for distribution of products will be evenly spread thereby making it easier for clients to access products from a nearby center of distribution. Other advantages include easy access of goods and availability of many inventories. Spreading a company’s inventory to multiple centers of distribution serves as a backup system that could be used when one delivery location runs out of a given product needed for shipment.

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Manufacturing Operations Flows

The process of getting the order from the customer via the seller and providing it to the distribution centers for shipment includes:

a) Validating the order address

b) Confirming the seller inventory

c) Checking internal notes

d) Combining orders from a particular customer

e) Splitting orders intended for different clients.

Within the shipping environment, one should realize that everything ordered and shipped is managed by the selling platform in case the shipping platform is not available (Easy, 2017). On the contrary, when it is available, the company receives the order information from the seller. The information includes the customer’s shipping preference, the address of the client, the messages itself, and other pieces of information concerning the product (Easy, 2017).

The Packaging, Weighing, Choose Carrier Type And Labeling Process In Production

The manners in which the steps mentioned earlier of production are completed depend on the available shipment system. If the parameters of shipping available are feasible, the platform in which the goods are to be shipped should be selected for the best carrier.

Some of the factors influencing this production and shipment process include:

i) The average daily order volume

ii) Quantity of products manufactured

iii) Accuracy of item weight and availability in store platform

The platform for shipping always determines the appropriate carrier based on the parameters of shipment. With the existence of multiple distributors, a proper platform for transportation can organize orders regarding the location. This makes orders get easily collected and worked on. Packing slips are used to tag rules depending on the time of order and urgency of the product (Melendez, 2015).

Shipping of Orders

The process is all about transferring packages to the carriers after which the shipping information is updated. The process entails:

i) Ordering of the status updates

ii) Carrier tracking

iii) Confirmation of shipment together with tracking

On the contrary, when delivery is not available:

a) Package are dropped off in pick-up areas

b) The daily report concerning shipment gets delivered to private carriers

KPI Metrics To Assess Success

Key Performance Indicators have the potential of assisting an organization measure whether it is in its productive track. KPIs are also used to determine that the same company is working towards achieving beneficial outcomes (Key Performance Indicators, 2017). Some of the potential functions of KPIs are:

i) To measure client uptake on rolling out systems.

ii) To measure if the service records are in accord with the agreed product delivery times.

These indicators also happen to be quantifiable units of measurements which show critical success factors of a company. Some of the key factors due to KPIs that have major impacts on the business performance include:

i) Identifying business hot spots that require attention

ii) Acting fast to drive the business ahead.

The most important horizons of measurement include:

a) Investment Monitoring

This aspect of analysis requires the company to outsource inputs of investment that are needed to sustain the business activity (Key Performance Indicators, 2017). If there is any complexity in the investment process, the management will require monitoring of the inputs of investment.

b) Adoption Monitoring

This kind of surveillance process requires the company to check whether its activities are taken up according to plan. Here, the necessary evidence is in activity levels, and the interest on trend calculations (Key Performance Indicators, 2017).

c) Health Monitoring

Under this stage, the business extends the monitoring process beyond normal levels of performed activities. Both monitoring and evaluating of the created value are performed.


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