Free Essay about Hugo Movie Critique

Published: 2018-06-27
Free Essay about Hugo Movie Critique
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Storylines of "Hugo" movie

The first frame of structural in the movie Hugo is seen in the combination of the different storylines and their relation to the final result or outcomes at the finale of the movie. Hugo Cabret is at the center of the story all through from the time he became a waif after the death of his father. He then moves in to live with his uncle Claude, who is a clockmaker. However, his stay with his uncle is short-lived after his uncle Claude has gone missing for many days. Since he fears being taken to the children’s home as an orphan, he continues to maintain the clocks to deceive Gustave, the inspector that Claude is still around. Soon he meets with George, the toy owner while attempting to steal from his store and later meets Isabelle. In the course of the movie Hugo gets to learn more about the automaton and as the movie ends, he becomes adopted back into a family.

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The frame of human resource is applied in the involvements of actors in the development of the storyline from the time the viewer is introduced to Hugo. In every setting, Hugo is seen as industrious and goes all the way to ensure that his actions and efforts are of benefit to him and even his uncle. Claude, his uncle, is a clockmaker, and Hugo soon comes to learn the skill and at a point covers for Claude at the time he is not around. He can also be considered as industrious considering that he is curious to learn, be involved in different activities, and be a form of influence.

Leadership and governance in movie

The frame of political aspect comes in the evaluation of the hierarchy in the storyline and its application in the different settings within the story. For instance, there is a hierarchy of leadership and governance in the society. Gustave is an inspector who was to check the progress of the work put in by Claude in maintaining the clocks.

The last frame of symbolic is evident in various settings within the paper. One instance is the challenges that Hugo had to pass through. The death of his father, the disappearance and later death of his uncle, and his ordeal in maintaining his cover to prevent being taken away are some of the symbolic elements to note in the film. These instances are a symbol of the different issues some of the families and children in the modern society are passing through that bars them from living a normal life like others. Gustave exercises authority similar to other leaders and other individuals in leadership that affects in part some of the families that are under him.


As a clockmaker, Hugo’s father, and Claude had a different perspective to making the clocks show time and help people keep time. Hugo, on the other hand, saw the automaton and believed that it had a message sealed by his father. He embarks on the journey to repair the automaton in any way possible as a way to ensure that he gets the message. Later on in the film plot, Isabelle shows interest in the automaton, and to Hugo’s surprise, he gets the key that was the missing part of the automaton. Therefore, Hugo and Isabelle fixed the automaton. George, on the other hand, is broken since he fails to appreciate his accomplishments and starts regretting to have ever been part of the film A Trip to the Moon. To fix him, Hugo, Isabelle, and René help fix him. He later comes to regret to have left his talent and even donated the automaton that Hugo with the help of Isabelle had fixed.

Importance of Urgency

There was no urgency in fixing the automaton considering that Georges had given up on his dream and moved to creating a different life. However, with the film René brought to his home, Georges embarked on his talent again and later he is named as a professor at the Film Academy and is recognized for his films.

Walls stopping Development

The major barrier in the film Hugo was the lack of affection and family support for the young Hugo. He first lost his father and then went to live with his uncle who later died leaving him to live by himself. Later on, he becomes a close friend to Isabelle, and as the movie ends, he is adopted into the Georges family. Therefore, the wall is broken finally, after Hugo’s experience alone. The wall can be considered internally since the care and influence of the family is personal and not influenced by others.

Resistance to Change

In the film Hugo, Claude is the first character that needed to be changed. He was the custodian of Hugo after the death of his father. However, even after taking this responsibility as the guardian of Hugo, he continued to drink and later was never found later found dead. Another character is Georges who wants to make sure that Isabelle does not go to the Film Academy Library. The friendship with Hugo helped Isabelle be more involved in finding more about the automaton and later discovers about Georges involvement in the film industry. The discovery made by Hugo and Isabelle led them to find René leading them to fix Georges.

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