Health Care Essay Example

Published: 2017-12-19
Health Care Essay Example
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The Mindfulness Revolution Workshop

This project (The Mindfulness Revolution Workshop: Heal Your Patients, Heal yourself) is steered by the department of family and community, where the main idea towards its establishment is strengthening the knowledge and knowhow of the health care professionals at different units of health care facilities. During the workshop that I attended, there were a number of important information conveyed via lecture method that was delivered by the different guest speakers.

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Firstly, the most important lecture was about LGBT, especially in primary care, where doctors talked about a number of things regarding this subject. For instance, doctor stated the importance of one having a variety of information on the reasons for appropriate LGBT in primary care point. The most basic questions that one should ask the patient is their gender and sexuality behaviors. However, through identification of biology, hormones, and body parts, one can know the gender of patient. Genders may be classified into male, female, and transsexual. Also, pansexual, asexual and queer are the most important key factors of identifying sexual orientation. Moreover, she gave an example that was used to identify the gender of a 16 year old girl, Sophia.

Essay on health care

To echo this she mentioned that 2% of the middle school student are LGBY while 6% of the high school student are also LGBT. She recommended that during asking the issues dealing with sexual behavior, one should be specific and sensitive. Statistics show that 35% physician don’t spend their time tackling this issue, and only 30% involved in the topic. The most common barrier is that medical students usually do not value LGBT issues and also they spent few hours to talk about issues relating to sexuality. Suprisingly enough, a third of medical school don’t discuss on LGBT related issues. LGBT can lead to increased cases of sexual violence and 60% hapless. Support in school, family and communities can be mitigating factors. If not adequately dealt with, chlamydia and gonorrhea are some of the risks associated with it. The recommendations to deal with such risks include HIV sexology and urine tests.

In the second lecture, that was conveyed by DR Marc Watkins, where the topic was about retail medicine, he first introduced health and wellness. According to Dr. Marc, retail medicine was unique due fact that in the year 2003, the strategy was started in Louisville. They focus was mainly on the customer satisfy, quality and collaboration. The cost has ever increased since the year 2000 to 2011 on the aspect of regulation, lack of transparency, medical devices among others. The crisis in the health care are on the aspect of the physician shortage, inconvenience on the customer, and skyrocket of health care are quite high. The recommendation that were given include improving adherence of the outcome through building relationship and bringing values to employees.

Universal health care in the US

In the third lecture, Work health by Dr. Heather Hara, he stated the importance of finding out the type of work each patient does and how long he/she has worked that particular job, Overworking can diminish healthy relationships, aging workforce, diverse workforce, and chemical, physical, and biological hazards still exist, and time poverty among other things.

Also, Dr. Billups who stated the importance of the sexual medicine, he stated that erectile dysfunction is a cardiovascular predictor, and is a situation that happens when cannot keep an erection. The treatment include; lifestyle change, oral medicine, vacuum device, intra-urethral therapy, penile injection and penile prosthesis. On the other hand, Dr. Alcendor, he talked about Zika Virus, where the first case was identified in monkeys in 1947, and human case in Nigeria in 1960. Issues in children include; speech and movement delay, feeding tubes, seizures and dwarfism. Puerto Rico has 30, 000 cases, USA 4,000 and Tennessee 11 cases. The flavor of Zika are in Eastern Africa, Western Africa and Asia.

Medicine: Recommendations for health care facility

Health care facilities

Health care facilities offer essential services to the community. As such, they should strive to offer optimum services to the people. They range from small clinics to urgent care centers and large hospitals that offer health services to the people. These facilities should embrace systems and policies that are cost-effective and at the same time deliver quality services to the people. Three recommendations to South East Medical Center to enable the facility to optimize their capacity and improve services offered are discussed below.

Systems should not allow success to breed complacency. Many times when firms achieve the success, they are satisfied with the results. Health facilities should not allow success give them a feeling of self-satisfaction. The people are well informed today and do thorough research before visiting a health center. There have been an increase in the number of health facilities, and people have options, all they require is to make a decision on which to go for health services. Putting this into consideration, health services should never feel comfortable with results achieved. Rather, they should maintain a notion that there is always room for improvement. Complacency often leads to failure. If health centers maintain a feeling of self-achievement, they are bound to fail. Instead, they should set goals and objectives, which once achieved they should set even higher standards. Health facilities should focus on utilizing the limited resources such as high inflation and a shortage of staff to deliver services effectively and efficiently to the high demand for integrated service delivery models. These models promote delivery of high quality services and better performance of the facilities. Each integrative step must be evaluated for system-wide effects. Thorough research and systematic review of the current health systems can be used for effective decision making. Thorough communication is important in the health facilities in order to improve services. Change is inevitable as well, and each step taken must be evaluated on its effects on the patients, management and on the employees. Implementation of integrated health systems requires leadership with vision. Although cost control is also an element of integration of health centers, costs cannot just be reduced at once or else it would have detrimental effects on the health center. Therefore, health centers, while undertaking integration of the system should consider each step so as not to affect the center negatively at any given point.

Optimal health systems

Systems should focus on quality rather than quantity of physician integration. During the process of system integration, health facilities should consider consolidating health systems to align with affiliated physicians. Health systems should look at the quality of physician professionalism rather than numbers. It is better for a health system to have few physicians who offer high-quality services. Patients relate heavily with physicians; therefore health facilities should hire physicians that can gain the confidence of the patients and exhibit high ethics and integrity to their profession. In consideration of cost cutting as well, health systems should not go for cheaper physicians as it could cost them later on. The health care market is highly competitive, and therefore health systems should provide strong incentives to achieve an excellent physician integration who will offer excellent services.

Systems should buy or contract for services only if the additions will add value to the systems customers and are compatible with the existing mission, values, goals and culture. Systems should carry out a cost- benefit analysis before buying or paying for goods or services. Before making any payments to buy for services the health system should weigh on the expected income or results that will be brought by the new service or product. Services should be able to add value to the customers. They should also carry an analysis on the firm's existing mission, values, and goals and culture so that they purchase services that co-run together with existing systems.


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