Leadership Development Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-16 16:10:47
Leadership Development Essay Sample
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Leadership development program

David Jackson is a board member and graduate of Leadership Prince George’s Inc., which is a Non-Profit Leadership Organization that mainly supports community leaders for the core purpose of refining and improving their leadership abilities. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Facilitator of the course, I first met David during the leadership development program. In the program, David was acting as a participant and myself was a board member where I was actively involved on embarking a number of community projects.

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Although the leadership development training program involved many other things, David’s role in it was considerable definite. He was involved in vigorous participating focus that helped the participants in a number of ways. For instance, he mainly focused on increasing understanding to their self through self-reflection, and challenging the boundaries of personal beliefs in order to encourage growth and create more effective leadership. During the progress of the course, it was evident that David possessed distinctive ability to meet and overcome challenges to his personal beliefs as an individual and also as part of the team.

Throughout each of the training modules, David had the opportunity to provide and receive feedback to myself as the facilitator, and from other instructors, classmates, and work colleagues. David was always engaged, had a teachable attitude, and received constructive criticism with a positive attitude, which is good for every individual who is open minded.

Home health agency

I can ascertain to everyone that I have known David to be an individual who is highly committed to his own development through the taking of the leadership course, as well as seeking to enroll in other current course or other business and training courses. Moreover, I have also known him to be committed to his own physical development, which he has easily achieved through healthy eating and exercise. He is always ready to share advice and information on how one can keep fit to any individual who is interested in

Therefore, in conclusion, I can comfortably state that David is always willing to help others with advice about improving their own health and well-being. He owns and operates a home health agency, and volunteers in various community organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Prince George's County Healthcare Action Coalition, INOVA Mt Vernon Hospital. He is also engaged serves on various boards such as Leadership Prince George’s, Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce and Reid Temple Trustees.

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