Essay Example: Weight Loss Meal Plan

Published: 2018-04-24
Essay Example: Weight Loss Meal Plan
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I feel that the client has made significant progress over the course of our meetings and discussions. It is evident that my client takes into consideration all that we discuss concerning losing weight and riding junk food off her diet. It is further obvious that the customer has made good on her desire to lose weight and stay healthy. Moreover, the client has understood the importance of ensuring that she eats a well-balanced diet, more so, because it is recommendable for her health and overall well-being. It is further significant to provide this because she suffers from Diabetes Mellitus type 2. To this effect, reviewing the second week’s meeting and discussing with her what she has been able to accomplish, I feel that she has shown great determination.

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Moreover, she has stuck to the moderate physical exercise plan that we had discussed. The essence of the exercise was to help with her plan to lose weight and acted as a compliment for her dietary plan. It is evident that from last week’s result the client has continued to make good use of self-efficacy. The customer has further succeeded in keeping up with the diet plan that the nutritionist provided her. I believe that if the client will continue keeping up with the exercises as well as maintain eating the balanced diet that the nutritionist has provided her until she reaches her designated target she will meet her goal. Besides, if she continues to do this, I believe that she will maintain good health and therefore, she will be able to reduce or completely avoid all the complications that come with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. To this effect, the client should ensure that she maintains this as her lifestyle.

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