Free Essay Eating Habits in Schools around the World

Published: 2018-03-12
Free Essay Eating Habits in Schools around the World
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National school lunch program in the USA

Brian Vanyo, a certified American author talks of the American ideology in the implementation of the food program in the schools found in the region. The author argues that changing of food programs in the institutions has massively impacted negatively to the well-being of the children in the institution. Furthermore, he supports these sentiments by pointing out the various revolts that cropped as a result of the alteration of the feeding program. He points out that since the introduction of the of the feeding program with the aim of improving the nutrition among the students, in the long run, the practice has become much of a risk to the individuals. Evidence brought up includes the backlash by the students of a particular High school in Kansas. The schools complain of hunger and champion for the abolition of such policies (Brian, 2014). Many institutions in various states in the region are crying foul because of the draconian and bureaucratic policies just as Brian vehemently points out in his article.

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Japanese school lunch program

In the second article, Dana Woldow provides us with a brief of Japanese food program. In the opening remarks, she says that the food given to the children in learning institutions is the core reason for the rising cases of obesity in among the children. The author further points out that the government is supposed to play a central role in administering the type of diet provided to the children. For instance, in the article, we learn that both Japan and France arehighly dedicated in the quest to provide funding to cater for the lunches in the learning institutions. In Japan, the meals are healthy and nutritive given the fact they are prepared from scratch by qualified personnel. Additionally, the lunch issue is treated as a communal activity and thus all the stakeholders in the program adequately play their part in ensuring the best result come out of the endeavor. The children are taught Tom accept the type of food they are offered and this has been the major stepping stone towards the success of the practice (Dana, 2013). The community, the municipality and the parents all act in unity to ensure the programs are smoothly run.

School lunch programs

The two articles point out one primary element that affects many learning institutions across the world. Both authors champion for an organized schedule when carrying out such activities. All the stakeholders involved in the process involved in making long-term decisions that affect the feeding program (Brian, 2014). In the first article, the government imposed laws and policies which largely affect the institution and the future endeavors. Additionally, both articles champion for the provision of nutritive food which will help in proper development of the children.

In the first article, Brian notes that the reluctant involvement by the government in the feeding program issue is the core reason that has brought about protests in many institutions. The institutions believe that the government opts for cheap foods which lack the essential nutritive value that will be of benefit to the learners. On the other hand, Dana provides the examples of states like Japan and France and check on the government involvement in the feeding program. The author allegedly points out that government intervention is an essential element in the whole operation because they have the necessary funding to fund the initiative comfortably. Though, this is not the case with the American government which is reluctant to try this venture.

In conclusion, it is evident that a glimpse into both sides of the divide, there is sufficient evidence to dispute and accept government intervention into the program with equal measure. Additionally, both items seek to address this issue with the aim of ensuring that there is a healthy relationship among all the stakeholders and the type of food they provide.

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