Ethical Problems of Finance - Free Essay for You

Published: 2019-01-18
Ethical Problems of Finance - Free Essay for You
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Current Ethical Problems in the Areas of Finance

The ethical problem is a situation or an issue that requires an organization a person to between alternatives that should be as (wrong) unethical or (right) ethical. On the other hand, ethics is a branch of philosophy that focuses on the way individuals should live their lives. In any case of examining this theory Consequently, the ethical issues are dealt with (Ford, & Richardson, 2013). The primary goal of ethics is to influence healthy lives among people. In such terms, not only Ethical issues deal with what is bad or good, wrong or right it also determines the kind of responsibilities and rights that individuals should have. The problem with the ethical issue is that it has no single acceptable answer whether a punishment should be given or not instead the matter is being debated.

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In that regard, Wells Fargo is one of the organizations which have a current ethical problem towards their employees regarding fraudulent accounts. Instead of the issue being solved genuinely the workers are neglected with their complaints until he |she is given a transfer or expelled from work (Mihelcic, & Zimmerman, 2014). In Wells Fargo employees have been working under pressure all through b but even if they raise their issue it is no longer considered, and such manager who makes that mistake are on with their job without being affected in any way (Cowley, 2016). It is said that managers in Wells Fargo have no regard, to their juniors hence leading to poor relationships and teamwork among them. Even when Ms. Guitron tried to file with the court lawsuit of wrongful termination by submitting to the public records of testimony and documents as the evidence of unethical issue the court itself dismissed the case by taking side with Wells Fargo. In that connection, you come to the realization that no ethics that is applied in any way to determine the one who is in the right and wrong. In any organizations, responsibilities, and rights of employees should be identified ethically. Therefore, managers and employees in an organization should try as much as possible to avoid conflict of interest pp.300.


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