Biblical Worldview Essay Example for Free

Published: 2018-04-24
Biblical Worldview Essay Example for Free
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Bible verses about god's creation

According to Genesis 1:26-27, we were created in the image of God which signifies that we share the same characteristics as our creator (Gonzalez 2014). Likewise, as our God was creative in everything He created, implies that we should use our gifts and talents to be creative in each and every work we perform. Firstly, as the God worked in creating a human being and continues to work to sustain his creation, we should also work since we were created in His likeness (Grenz & Smith 2015). In Genesis 1:28 God said, tbe fruitful and multiply; and fill the eartht which was the first task that man was given to perform in the land. This dominion mandate relates to our work or vocation.

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The authority given to rule over all the Gods creation extends to all the things created including all human culture and society. By honoring Gods vocation, gives the man the ability to provide for his family and the entire community hence achieving cultural and social progress. As man is the reflection of God, it is vital to be careful on how we represent him as he lives within us (George 2015). As God was involved in his creation, he wants good relationship evident as he spoke to Abraham, Moses, and Adam by helping and walking with them.

During the Jesus last days, He said He was going and will send a counselor who is Holy Spirit. For those who believes in God through baptism receives the Holy Spirit who guides them in their journey with Lord (John 14:17). As I have been given a call for his Ministry is my vocation and is the path He set for me to follow and through believing am part of His call (Himes et al. 2014). Through this, the God involvement and belief in creation is essential since not believing could have an adverse impact on my career. In 1 Timothy 1:5 Paul expresses to Timothy that the pastorts work is to take care of the church with love as Jesus loved the church.

Bible verses about god's plan

When heaven and earth were created, God had a purpose and plan for His creation. In Jeremiah 29:11-12 He said, tFor I know the plans I have for youtIyou will call to Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.t It shows that he listens to His creation and speaks to the believers not only the pastors but also other believers. Godts involvement in creation entails him exposing the creation to futility till all the creation are restored to what God wants them to be by coming out of sins and corruption. He says in Romans 8:19-25, "when the sons of God are revealed." As we are created with a moral compass to differentiate what is right or wrong, gives us the right capacity to be accountable for our actions.

All men were created with moral righteousness as well as impeccable innocence, which is a replication on Godts holiness. God concluded that what He made was excellent. When someone praises decent behavior, he confirms that we are created in Godts image. However, when we understand the meaning of Godts image in us, we reflect the Gods creativity, intelligent and spiritual. Though all human beings possess godlike capabilities, everyone has the potential to express them widely. God converts the human being by restoring the original image of himself.


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