Banning Large Soda - Article Analysis Example Essay

Published: 2018-02-13
Banning Large Soda - Article Analysis Example Essay
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Banning large Soda is legal and smart


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Conventionally, it is the better truth that in the real sense the banning of the large soda is legal and something worth to be done. The banning incorporates all energy drinks, sweetened teas, fruit drinks in conjunction with sodas. Ideally, the burning may be exclusive of drinks higher than fifty percent milk like lattes and beverages that are alcoholic in nature. The banning of excessive utilization of sugar will to a larger extent affect the stadiums, movie theaters, restaurants, mobile food carts, and excluding convenience stores like 7-Eleven, and the supermarkets.

Define thesis statement

1. What is the author’s thesis statement in this article?

In the article, the thesis statement of the author is in the regulation of excessive utilization of sugar in drinks and other foodstuffs. Besides, he is also concerned with the problems posed by the use of excessive sugars such as Overweight or Obesity with serves as primary sources for secondary disorders and diseases such as cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, and heart conditions. Moreover, he is in support of the government to incorporate various mechanisms to use to limit sugar consumption by its citizens.

Author's argument

2. Play the Believing Game with this article. What are this argument’s two strongest points? Why are these points the strongest?

One of the most solid points is, indeed the critical importance of why to regulate sugar utilization and the side effects that results from the consumption of excessive sugars. These include; obesity, and excessive fat accumulation in the body which is a prevalence of other diseases as mentioned above. It is a paramount point because the article is all about the reduced sugars in foodstuffs to eliminate its side effects. The second point is concerned with the public health in general. The author articulates his anticipation concerning the power of the Public Health Board and its mandate to rock on in the fight against the use of excessive sugars. It is through this body that quality of life which is unquestionable and reduced mortality rates are dependent.

Article flaws

3. Play the Doubting Game with this article. What are the two weakest parts of this article? Are they weak points because of factual shortcomings or logical flaws? Explain

The weakest points are; the balancing of the public health and the economic considerations in which in the real sense looks impermissible. The other aspect is the assumption where the public health is endorsed to do virtually everything if not, the law does nothing considerably. These weakest points tend to be low as a result of logical flaws since they are arguments from ignorance and assumptions made by the author.

Framing device

4. Find one form of framing the author uses in this case? What beneficial word or positive term does he use to create this frame?

One of the forms of framing that the author has used here is an argument structure. In this case, he argues that the banning of the large soda is legal and smart. He considerably gives the fundamental reasons as to why the banning should be legal. Moreover, he narrows down outlining the side effects of excessive sugar consumption. The positive term that he uses to tie up his argumentation is, "No one should disagree that the government should act."

Logos, ethos, or pathos examples

5. Find one example of logos, ethos, or pathos in this article? What is it and why is it an example of logos, ethos, or pathos?

Logos refers to an appeal towards logic. Alternatively, it is a way of persuading an audience through reason. An example of logos in the article is where the author says, “In fact, the Board of Health has the power, indeed the responsibility, to regulate sugary drinks for the sake of city residents, particularly the poor.” Ethos means an appeal towards ethics in the society it is convincing someone on the credibility of the persuader. An example of ethos in the article is where the author articulates that, “This cannot be acceptable to our society, knowing that obesity is such a powerful risk factor for diabetes, cancer and heart disease.” Finally, pathos refers to an appeal concerning emotions.It is a way of convincing the audience by coming up with an emotional response. The author says that “This legal reasoning makes no sense. If policymakers could not balance economic consequences, virtually every law in America would be flawed. There is another huge problem.”

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