An Example of a Leader - Free Essay on Leadership for Everyone

Published: 2018-02-25
An Example of a Leader - Free Essay on Leadership for Everyone
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Who is a good leader example

The leader partner that I chose is Coach Johnnie Grimes in Baltimore, MD. Coach Grimes was my AAU travel coach on and off during middle school and became my senior high school basketball coach. Coach Grimes deserves to be my leader because of his commitment to practice. He is a humble person with good leadership skills and is an outstanding mentor. He loves what he does and always performs it with passion. His mentality to win is what motivated me most to choose him as my leader. His commitment to having practiced with a positive attitude showed much respect, even when the thing wasn't perfect. He does not succumb to circumstances but in every challenge, he finds a new way of doing things and acquiring more experience.

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He is forward looking and thus says that no person is a complete expert, but instead, every expert continues to better him/herself. He brings self-confidence, authenticity, and has a good sense of humor. It is pleasurable to work or play under him. He makes everything fun but the goal and objectives are never compromised. The ability to inspire others to understand and make you feel capable of doing whatever it takes was never a question. He is trustworthy and an honorable leader. His character is exemplary and commendable. He has been in the field of coaching for quite some time that is enough to give him the credit of a person who puts hands on something until it births for him.

One cognitive factor that Mr. Grimes exhibit is tolerance. Being a couch, just like a teacher, you meet and train all kind of learners in the fields. Some are fast learners while others are not slow-learners. Coping with hard-students, it's difficult in the actual sense. But his ability to persevere and encourage students that they can make it in the field makes him distinct. Actually, students go into the field to train without hope and confidence in themselves. On the contrary, Couch Grimes believes that every trainee can achieve she/he highest level of expertise and skills provided he/she decides to get there. During my senior year in high school, I had the opportunity to stay with Coach Grimes when I didn’t have anywhere else to go and learned a lot. I was doing it as a hobby but he slowly influenced me to love it and today it’s the best way I can utilize my time outside the class. This is a mental thing that he possesses and has greatly assisted him to become a coach of reference in America. I was able to value the ways of life and the true meaning of becoming a young adult.

An example of a good leader

Coach Grimes has definite charisma and always allowed space and time to improvement. Grimes do not necessarily need monetary compensation so that he can do coaching. He does it like a gift or a talent. He enjoys doing it more than anything else. The school may fail to reward him for the good work that he does of coaching trainees but does not lose the psyche. Every day he feels motivated to do the exercises even the more. This kind of charisma is what is required to become unique and expert in a certain activity. This shows that Mr. Grimes has portrayed transformed leadership through him being an example. The highest satisfaction that shows in a charismatic practice is doing it whether rewarded or not. He delights when he discovers new better ways of training the learners.

He's a relationship-oriented type of person. He values the well-being of individuals who fall under his leadership brackets. The key purpose is to impact those that he trains. Rarely will Grimes offend his subjects on the basis of poor performance. Task-oriented kind of leadership focuses on performance and strict achievement of goals. Though Grimes is also target oriented, the priority of goals and relationship allows the relationship to take predominance. Therefore, Couch Grimes is a relationship-oriented leader. From the Grid, it would be a Team Style / Team Management type of person in having concern for others. He involves the players in deciding the time to report for the practices and does not dictate as many leaders do. Coach Grimes has knowledge of the sport and communicates it to the players. His ability to communicate effectively with others gives us the motivation and a positive atmosphere during practices and games.

Coach Johnnie Grimes exercise Vroom and Yetton’s contingency theory of decision participation. All the trainees participate in the decision. We usually give our opinions after the training session to him and ever he has never turned any person down. This is an implication that he allows every person to feel accepted in the session and thus get encouraged to come time and again.

Finally, Couch Johnnie can be termed to be a good leader who has the ability and skills to instill his expertise and knowledge to his subordinates with ease. Training under a charismatic leader who feels motivated to continue playing. The morale and psyche build up to become better and thus “I can do it mentality” have built up in me and I believe I will perform my level best under his leadership.


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