Essay Example: International Business Personal Statement

Published: 2017-10-26
Essay Example: International Business Personal Statement
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“Numbers speak.” This was a statement uttered by one of our lecturers during a mass communication lesson. At the time it was just a fleeting statement, but it stuck in my head. I would earn some few dollars whenever I would wash my father’s car, and this piqued my interest in the power money had. From then on I became interested in learning more about the dynamics of money and the monetary system. And that was how I came interested in the field of business with finance. Just as we can communicate through language, numbers also communicate their own messages, more so accounting figures which only accountants and people with financial knowledge can grasp.

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Sample of personal statement for international business studies

Having undertaken a diploma course in mass communication, I have come to appreciate the importance of disseminating good information to be used for decision making. Combined with business with finance course I took at the University of Greenwich, these courses have helped me see the importance of being a business with finance specialist, being able to communicate business and financial matters fluently and with a good command of the field.

My choice to pursue a course in international business is motivated by the desire to build upon my prior acquired knowledge in this field. Both of these complement on each other and their mastery will give me leverage to be conversant with all international business concepts. I have the drive to be the best business and accounting figure in the field, and I am motivated to pursue this to the highest level. An understanding of international business concepts will help me make informed investment decisions for the firm that I will work for in the future as I aspire to be a renown international business specialist occupying an executive position in one of the best performing business firms.

My ambitions for the future are to become a business executive in the best firms. It is my hope that university will equip me with the best knowledge regarding the international business fields as well as help me in the creation of useful networks that I can rely on in my quest to being the best in the field. After mastering international business concepts as well as a firm understanding of the operations of the international business and markets, I intend to pass this on to other students through mentorship programs aimed at breeding new knowledge and mastery in the field. In this line, I will pursue a masters course in either financial risk management which will ultimately land me the role of a lecturer, my third preferred job. In this role, I will be able to instill knowledge to other students who aspire to be the best in the field and have a better understanding of the operations of the monetary and financial systems. Aside from my desire to be the best in the field, I also like talking to people and sharing new ideas with them and engaging in community-based development programs. Our local community development program is run by well-wishers with no business and financial background, just people with zeal but no knowledge. As such, the business aspects of most of the projects undertaken do not have any plan as well as the profitability expected from the projects. I am motivated to master international business with financial skills at the university so that I can transfer the knowledge gathered to educate my community development group on how business and financial aspect of it can be handled, how funds can be sourced and how project profitability can be computed.

MBA personal statement examples

My five-year plan revolves around establishing an international business related consultancy firm. I aspire to offer the best quality international business services in the field and as such I am in the process of gathering relevant information that will help me design the best services tailored to meet the business needs of my clientele. I intend to create employment for the many graduates that will be leaving campus to join a job market which in most cases is flooded with well-qualified graduates chasing after limited employment options. My plan is to ease this need by creating some few extra slots for some of the graduates so that they can be able to exercise their book knowledge in practical cases. In the next five years I will be a master in matters related to international business and with this mastery help, my family and friends have some knowledge of how the international business systems work and the trends to look for so as to make investment decisions that are in line with trends in the economy and consumer preferences. In so doing, their chances of opening up successful ventures will be highly enhanced as they will have a firm understanding of how the financial markets operate and use this knowledge to improve themselves. Basically, my five-year plan revolves around empowering people,government, and corporate, to use international business knowledge to make wise personal financial and investment decisions that will benefit the society at large.

The institution for undertaking one’s studies matter just as much as discovering one’s passion for a certain field. After conducting thorough research on the universities from which I could pursue my business with the financial course, I settled on Anglia Ruskin University because of its well polished reputation and exemplary reviews from some of my friends who recently graduated from the institution. The university offers the best in the field of business with finance if its array of courses is anything to go by. The university also teems with students from all over the globe; therefore the diversity in the institution will offer a good wellspring of learning different cultural values and an appreciation of diversity existent in the world. Such an experience will give me the opportunity to have a global perspective of events. The institution is also highly regarded by employers and other professional bodies as a centre that breeds innovative business education and training. As such, studying at this university will give me an upper hand in securing internships as well as securing jobs and in the process create meaningful networks that can help me advance my career. The teaching staff also comprises of qualified and experienced experts who are keen on sharing and passing down their wealth of knowledge and expertise to their students in a bid to enhance their chances of a successful career. The institution is also well connected, having guest speakers drawn from the industry, commerce and accounting fields come and share useful tips and skills with the students. Such is the kind of institution I would love to be part of, and that is why I am interested in pursuing my business with finance course at the Anglia Ruskin University.

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