Free Essay: Allegory of the Cave Meaning

Published: 2017-10-25
Free Essay: Allegory of the Cave Meaning
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The allegory of Plato, of the cave, is a very insightful and also, among the best attempts in explaining the nature of reality. The cave is an actual representation of the state of most of human beings and the story of an exit that is very dramatic, from the cave, is actually the genesis and the source of true understanding. Plato attempted to answer most of the philosophical questions and most of them were about the nature of reality. He narrates the “Allegory of the Cave” like a deep conversation between the Socrates, who was his mentor and Glaucon, yet at the same time, they gave much inspiration to Plato and his philosophical theories.

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According to the author, the dark cave is a symbolic suggestion towards the contemporary world that is full of ignorance and the people that are in chains do symbolize the ignorant people, who exist in this ignorant world. The walls that were raised, on the other hand, do symbolize the limitation of our won thinking. Through that, Plato has been able to have criticism against the limited existence of human life in a world that is very materialistic.

I comprehend that the “Allegory of the Cave” is very enlightening as it relates us to the immediate instances in society. As a matter of fact, it is the perfect example of how reality has been expressed. Apparently, we have to be risk takers, just like the caved man so as so that eventually, people benefit from it. It is important to note from the allegory that man can only be educated to capacitate his environment and cannot learn any further without teachings and guidance. On my own comprehension, the man who was free from his chains are those people that seek the real knowledge and truth about something that the other people did not know about.

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